How to Increase Your Blog’s Traffic Using Infographics


Most people use statistics in their blogs, but they do not use infographics that much. The reality is that infographics, used in the right way, can greatly contribute to the success of a blog by increasing its traffic. Read on to learn how you can achieve this.


Representing data

If you have data to expose on your blog, you have several methods of doing it. However, using an infographic will give you better results than most methods. You can compress your data and represent it in a visually appealing manner. In fact, you should go a step further and back link it to your main website. Doing this will give you two major benefits: it will improve your ranking with the major search engines and drive more people to read your posts.


How to Increase Your Blog Traffic Using Infographics


Simplifying complicated information

Blog posts are supposed to be easy to read and understand, but sometimes you might be forced to post complicated information. If you have to do this, you should use infographics to simplify your post. This is mostly true with posts that have elements of statistical analyses in them. Moreover, some people find it easier to learn via visual representation, and you want your blog to reach the widest audience possible. Use simple infographic designs in your posts and your readers will be more likely to read your posts than if you don’t use them.


For sharing information

Today, almost every person has a presence on one or several social media sites. Thus, these social sites make great platforms for sharing information. The problem is that it is not easy or even enjoyable to share text, especially if there is lots of it. You can go around this problem by representing your information in an infographic and posting them on your social media pages. Your readers will find it easy to share the infographics, and you can reach more people this way. Don’t forget to include your company brand in the graphics or link them to your blog so that those who need more information can know here to look for the same.


As a SEO tool

If your aim is to increase traffic to your blog’s traffic, then you cannot ignore search engine optimization. Using infographics is one of the methods of improving your ranking through white hat SEO techniques. When you include infographics in your blog, more people will link to it than if you don’t include them. In turn, the search engines will recognize your blog as more important and it will be ranked higher. In this case, it helps to include your site’s name in your infographics.


Building authority

Incorporating well-designed infographics in your posts will make them look more professional than if you use plain text. This will help in projecting your blog as an authoritative one in your niche. When people see you as an expert on something, they will visit your site often and even refer or share it with others. Google also uses the number of external links to a website in its indexing, so your site’s rank will also improve. Just make sure you use well designed infographics, otherwise using them will defeat the purpose.

In conclusion, it is clear that there are several methods of increasing a blog’s traffic using infographics. You should remember, however, that the content of your posts should still be of high quality. You don’t want people to be attracted to your site only to find it devoid of the kind of content they were expecting to see.