Intuitiveness Has a New Meaning in Terms of App Design


Application development has always been user engagement, which is why developers have always been trying to push their limits, and evolved in a much synchronized manner with user requirements. Mobile applications have become highly intuitive with major emphasis being laid on user experience and ease of usability. Change is always polarizing, as can be seen in the latest iteration of iOS where users have been greeted with a plethora of cosmetic changes. There are some that have fallen in love with the new iOS, while other have found it to be highly flat and intrusive especially in the case of icons. But there is no denying the fact that soon users would get over it and adapt to the new uniformity of iOS.


Intuitiveness Has a New Meaning in Terms of App Design


The same can be said in case of mobile applications that would also have to take as similar stance and get rid of the design elements of iOS 6. But the overall aesthetics of an application won’t change overnight as it would take months for Apple to set a different trajectory for apps. Often it has been seen that developers put a lot of attention to the application at the design phase which makes it easy for them to code the application. But it is important to understand that as user preference is evolving over time, it has becoming imperative for developers to incorporate updates that make the use of application highly seamless. It is important to understand that these updates ought to minor and developers should not impose a major shift on to the end user.

iOS 7 has surely put a groundwork for future applications – the space it clears for a new generation of apps yet to be developed. Ever since the launch of iOS, the platform had a similar outlook with no major cosmetic change which also ensured that the application design and development had few set rules. But with this major change developers would be able to put in a range of new features that would give user interaction a new direction.

App store has become highly cluttered over the years with over 850,000 applications being published. The new visual language adorned by iOS7 not only gives a new horizon to developers but ensures that they don’t have to strip their applications down and start anew. It is a known fact that iOS is not only prettier to design for, but it is also more accessible to build for.

This is the reason why iOS has been the preferential mobile application development platform for developers. The tools offered by Apple are highly proficient which makes it easy for developers to build apps. Enhancing the current SDK, apple has paved way for even riches experience in terms of application development. The new design language makes it easy for developers to turn a good idea into an app, without the fuss of feasibility. The new dimensions define by iOS 7 has enabled everyone to focus on facilitating function as efficiently as possible. This has ensured that a rich user experience is given in accordance to the core functionality of the platform that is highly intuitive and simple to address.