5 iPhone Apps for Throwing a Kick-Ass Party


It’s party time! There’s nothing better than finishing a tough week of work knowing you’ve got a party planned for Friday or Saturday night. All you need to do is kick back, enjoy your fiesta, and let the spirit of fun flow over you.

You’ve got the drinks, the snacks, and the music, so what else are you missing? Rather than throwing your party the old-fashioned way, it’s time to get up to date with your party planning. Now everything can be done with your iPad or smartphone, using the five simple apps below to help you.


5 IPhone Apps for Throwing a Kick-Ass Party


1. Karaoke Anywhere

Say goodbye to that heavy karaoke machine, and say hello to your new portable karaoke system. This app is quickly downloaded onto your smartphone, iPad, or iPod Touch, and you can choose from about 200 popular karaoke songs to sing. You’ll find that belting out those lyrics after a few pints is easier than ever.

The app itself is free, but to get more songs you’ll need to pay the yearly fee of $6.99. The app comes with built-in effects, and you’ll find it’s easy for even the most tech-challenged person to use! It makes those late-night karaoke parties a whole lot more fun.


2. Pro Party Planner

If you’re like many other people in the world, party time will roll around and you’ll discover you’ve forgotten a few important items. You’ll probably have all of the essential stuff together; you just forgot a couple things that make the party rock.

Rather than forgetting, spend $2 on an app that will help you to plan your party like a pro. This app enables you to make a checklist of everything you need to get, and even adds suggestions of other things you might need.


3. dJay

You may not have the skills to mix your own original music, but that doesn’t mean you can’t DJ your own party! This $4.99 app allows you to be your own DJ, using nothing more than your iPad and your playlist.

The interface looks just like a pair of turntables with a scratch pad, and you’ll be able to mix your own tunes easily thanks to this nifty app. Not only can you mix on the fly, but you can set up the playlist to roll ahead of time, which will allow you to roam the party at will.


4. Conversation Cards

Yes, there are people just awkward enough that they have no idea what to talk about when they’re at a party. If you’re this kind of person, a few conversation topics can come in handy. This awesome app will enable you to connect with others more easily, because it’ll give you things to talk about when you’re fresh out of ideas.

The topics of conversation may not be deep (“Would you rather be a ninja or pirate?”), but they’re great for breaking the ice.


5. Mixology

There’s nothing like having your own bartender to make a party rock, or you can be your own bartender with this simple iPhone/iPod app. It’s a 99-cent tool that makes your party a whole lot better simply because it gives you the ability to make all the most popular drinks.

Find recipes on how to mix up all the great cocktails: Irish Car Bomb, Cosmopolitan, Appletini, White Russian, Long Island Ice Tea, and many more.


Want to have a great party? Hiring a live band might be a smart option. Austin is home to many great live bands, and you’ll find that having a band play at your party will definitely set the tone for some good old-fashioned night-time fun!