How to connect with your blog’s audience


Blogging is dead. And yet, the practice has never been more widespread. So-called blogging has grown up big time, with ‘bloggers’ now describing themselves as content editors, curators, videographers, but rarely as bloggers, despite their communications originating on blogging platforms. So what has changed, and how can you connect with the new audiences? Well you don’t need to understand HTML to blog any more, and gone are the days when blogging equalled geeky. When your mum, your cat and your next-door neighbour’s dog have their own blogs, then it’s not just in the mainstream, it IS the mainstream. You don’t need to write or make short films about software or the latest iPhone, you can blog about gin, giraffes or Garfield – and whatever your passion someone out there will connect with you, that’s almost certain.


Bloggers can break news, be first with the headlines, provide real reviews and connect with audiences around the world, but unless you are Arianna Huffington then you may not know too much about who reads your blog or how valuable those readers are when it comes to sharing links, reviews and opinions. Market research, such as that provided by Attest can help you connect with you blog’s audience and discover what resonates most with them. You can also create powerful insights which you can use to think about how your blog can put pounds in your pocket. Commercialising your blog can take it to the next level, if you can tell potential partner brands exactly how many ABC1s are connecting with your content on a daily and weekly basis, where they are based and what motivates them.

If you have a sector specific blog, be it vegan; crochet and knitting or interiors: then you can gain more in-depth insights into aspects of your already engaged audience. Whereas if you run and curate a more general blog, then you can actually explore what sectors and themes float your readers’ boats.

One thing that connects all blog readers is that they love to engage and this is what makes market research work so well with blogger audiences. Because engagement is second-nature to bloggers and blog fans, asking for their insight is about working out how best to utilise this already switched-on audience who are digital natives and who give their opinions freely on a regular basis.

Do you know who’s consuming your content?