5 ways to rebrand your blog


Rebranding your blog can be a daunting prospect. Changing the logo, name and branding may seem like a lot of work, but a rebrand can give a fresh visual quality to your blog; it gives you a creative energy boost, and motivates you to see things from a new perspective. Maybe your direction or content has changed and you no longer feel like the current design accurately represents you. Here are five ways to successfully rebrand your blog.


Do your research 

Think carefully about what your identity is: why does your current branding no longer reflect you? Take inspiration from other blogs that have a similar message and intention as yours. Create a draft style guide and colour scheme before doing a test run to see how your ideas look in reality.

Find a unique domain name

Make sure the new name you decide on is not easily misspelled. It’s also important to check whether there’s already a blog with a similar name. If so, it might be worth finding a new name to avoid any confusion. Alternatively, you can contact the owner of the similar blog and ask to buy the domain from them. This way, you ensure visitors to either site go straight to your blog.

Hire a freelance web designer

You may think that the amount of time-consuming technical changes needed is not worth the effort, however hiring a freelance designer to help with web design is a simple and efficient way of ensuring the job is done correctly and quickly. You can establish a service agreement, such as a consultancy contract, in which the client (you) buys a service from the consultant (the web designer) in order to establish a mutually beneficial agreement.

Secure your social media

When you change the name and branding of your blog, it’s important to simultaneously change the name on your social media channels too. Request a page name change on Facebook and amend your Instagram and Twitter handles so that they match your blog’s name. Be sure to check ahead of the change that the handles and names you want to use are available.

Be realistic

There will be some readers who do not appreciate the new branding of your blog. Don’t worry if you lose a few email subscribers or followers on Bloglovin’, it’s more important that your blog is authentic and truly represents you. Most of your readers will react with positivity and praise, and the feedback they give you can be helpful for the future!