How To Make Money From Property Website


As a realtor, you have finally embraced the virtual world of the internet, and now you have a real estate portal which will enable you to make tons of money especially if you do it right. But the question is how do you make money from a real estate website?

Making money on the internet today has at least become easier thanks to the fact that practically *everyone* is online and likes to do research. This increase in the total market size compared to earlier generations of portals also means you have more options to monetize.

Today, everything has changed, and you can now earn a decent living from the comfort of your home. Below is how to make money from a property website.


Offer Premium packages with more features

Your real estate website does not only offer you or your partners with the opportunity of listing different properties, but you have created a membership portal that allows others to create online profile and post listings. Websites require money to run as you have to pay a monthly/yearly web hosting from different providers as well as renewing the yearly domain subscription.

One way you can make money is to offer free and premium packages for people who want to post their listings on your website. The free package will have limited options such as the ability to post a picture or two, limited storage space, minimal visibility to interested parties and limited support options.

With the premium package which you will use to lure every free user, you will add options like more storage space, ability to post more photos, ability to create virtual tours of the listings and dedicated support. The premium package will be offered at a fee, and you can even divide it into three different packages. Each should be priced differently and offer different features.

Sponsored ads from other real estate websites

As a real estate professional, you hopefully have amassed a solid network of like-minded professionals over the years. As you finally make your website go live, you need to find sources of income in order to finance it. When you have sponsored ads from other real estate websites, you will earn an income as well as improve your site visibility. Sponsored ads can be placed anywhere on your page and since you are offering a chance for other users to post their listings; you will get to have many pages with ads earning you more money in return.

Google adsense program

Google came up with the adsense program which is one of its income generating ventures. The program allows website owners to have ads placed on their pages by Google on different sections of their website. The program works when users are visiting your WebPages click on an ad for a website they are researching for information or looking for. When any of the ads are clicked, you will get to earn a commission.

The program works on a Pay-Per-Click system, and Google will send the money to you after certain duration. You can get to manage your adsense account from the intuitive dashboard offered by the company.

Affiliate programs

You can make money from different affiliate programs that cater to a wide range of consumer needs especially those that concern home buyers and sellers. One affiliate program that rewards greatly is Amazon. When you become an affiliate of Amazon, you will get paid when a user shops on the website. There are several websites and categories you can become an affiliate for, and they include furniture, mortgage products, credit scores, credit repair, insurance, appliances, and cars. While not all the above products are offered by Amazon, you can seek affiliate programs that offer any of the above categories.