Check Out Some New Updates from Depositphotos!



Now Depositphotos has become a good website for providing you high quality stock images or videos with cheap prices and files under free license. To maintain its reliability, this website always improves what they can improve such as features, system, or contents. A few weeks ago, through their official blog this website informed some important updates for their beloved users. The full and detailed version of this updates could be read in Depositphotos Official Blog.

Some updates which are mentioned are about:



For you especially the new users of this website, you may first want to know about the license since it is very important for saving you from possible problems. Actually, before this update was made, the license which consists of Standard and Extended License was a bit hard to comprehend. With this latest update, the license page was made more understandable completed with Depositphotos license comparison of those two different licenses to make it even clearer by using simple language and illustrations.




New Content Editor

Very useful update and a good news for the contributors. For the contributors who own a lot of files whether they are photos or videos uploaded on this website this latest update is surely helpful. Imagine that you need to edit multiple files, adding or removing attributes of more than one file. Previously, that would be hard job to do. But now, Depositphotos has introduced a new functionality which is maximized for bulk action like bulk attribution.


Release Manager

This new feature is quite interesting especially for the contributors. With release manager, you can add important information about the model involved in your photo, such as detail about model’s race, age, or gender. This information will be integrated with the search system, so if buyers want to find photos matched with one of your added detail, your photos will be in the top list of the search result.


Spell-checking Functionality (Upcoming)

This function will be soon implemented on Depositphotos. Although not implemented yet, this function will be an interesting as well as important function which will be able to minimize the misspellings or grammatical errors that may occur.


Subscription Upgrade


A good news now for the buyers who like to download files by subscription. With this new update, if you want to have image changes but you have already bought particular subscription plan, you can upgrade your current subscription plan easily. If that is not enough, you can also try custom solutions by contacting the support team by phone or email. For more information you can check the Depositphotos Contact List.


Account Mergers (Upcoming)

Ever wandering why we should have two different accounts in Depositphotos for buying and selling images? In the coming time, these accounts will be merged into one. Yes it is true! It was said that this project is still under construction and hoped to be implemented soon. Hopefully, there will be no problems in integrating two different accounts with different histories, records, and so on into one. Let’s hope for the best and let the team does their part.


With the new important updates and interesting upcoming updates, Depositphotos once more has proven to their customers that this website always try their best to create a convenient circumstances for us. Always check the latest information related to Depositphotos in their Official Blog.