3 Common Guest Blogging Beliefs


Guest blogging is a source of traffic, backlinks, making new friends in the blogosphere, branding your blog and so on. It can help you in numerous ways.


Most bloggers do guest blogging but many have different opinions about Guest blogging. Guest blogging isn’t a complex task, but it is neither a simple one. There are a few myths that prevail in the blogosphere and among bloggers. They actually deviate the blogger from his meant path and redirect him in a wrong direction.

Let us see what those wrong beliefs or the so called “myths” are and also the facts that actually count.


3 Common Guest Blogging Beliefs

Not an Onetime Job

Many people believe that guest blogging is a onetime affair. A few bloggers think that, if you do a post in an authority blog for once, than it would be a source of traffic for you for ever and ever.

No, it is not so. When you guest blog at an authority blog, you’ll definitely get incoming referral traffic from that particular site for a few days than what you get normally, but not forever. If you happen to post a really incredible post, the traffic may last for sometime more but again not forever.

You should keep guest posting on authority blogs regularly to get visitors regularly. Guest blogging is not an one time trick, it is a process.


You can’t post shit after you get established

A few bloggers think that once they establish a good repute as a good guest blogger, they can post not-so-good stuff. Not true again !

Another case is that few people think that they can post quality stuff on high PR blogs and poor stuff on blogs with low PR. Again, a big no !

You’ll have to maintain consistency with your blog posts wherever you post. It’ll create a good reputation for you as well as create a loyal reader base for your blogs, this in turn will help you in the long term and bring more visitors to your site.


High PR won’t translate into high traffic

A few people think that if you blog at high PR blogs it will actually reflect in your traffic. Not so true. High PR actually reflects the authority of the blog, but it doesn’t mean that the blog actually attracts so many visitors and in turn send you a part of it.

If you’ve been in the blogosphere for some time around, you would know how page ranks are calculated. If you don’t know, I’ll make one thing clear. Page ranks are based on backlinks and not the number of visitors.

So, try some other metrics like MozRank, which actually reflect a site’s traffic to some extent.

Also, if you blog at an High PR blog, it won’t actually get the exact PR juice of the blog, Page ranks are determined for pages and not web sites. So, do a little bit of research on it and understand the whole PR process in full length if you are guest blogging to increase your page rank.

That’s it; hope we’ve debunked a few myths about guest blogging. Do let me know if you’ve any doubts, and I’ll be happy to sort it out! Happy blogging.