5 Email Marketing Predictions for 2013


No doubt in it that, 2012 was one of the blockbuster years of email marketing. But we are very much concerned to know that 2013 will continue the same progress or there will be any change over.


Email marketing has been recently proved the best marketing tool in recent years and especially for small business owners 2012 went superbly.


What can you expect from 2013? Let us know few predictions about how this year will be regarding email marketing.


Email Predictions


1. Adjusting the demands of mobile will be a winner

Now days more than half of all Americans and people from all around the globe are busy with their smartphones and we can assume nearly a quarter of all activities are coming from mobile device. So we can rather call it mobile marketing. Mobile has already had made a major influence on audience regarding this email contents. So the first prediction is to take the advantage of mobile apps to build your audience as this will also brings you permanent and loyal customers for your business.


Email continues to be the most popular activity for a smart phone user where around 50 % users check their mails at least four times a day.


According to recent Studies by Google around 55% of the consumers are .having poor mobile experience which is hurting any brands perception. So simple is that if you are not providing a mobile friendly experience then it will be going to a risky move.


So try to improve your marketing by choosing the correct mobile friendly email template and be more focused on shorter and interesting messages.


Adjusting the demands of mobile will be a winner


2. Relevant content will rule the day

For a successful email marketing it is always essential to provide relevant content which is one of the important factors in case of email marketing. This will surely be even needful 2013 as competition in the email inbox will be much higher and higher. It is expected that consumers are going to receive around 9000 emails annually by the year 2014. But consumers are still satisfied as they pay attention towards those emails which are relevant to them.


Begin your 2013 email marketing with creating your email contents in such a way so that your customers find it more helpful in overcoming their problems which will be an important step in 2013.


Relevant content will rule the day


3. Email contacts: a small business’ most valuable marketing asset

Small businesses whether they are using email marketing or not will require collecting customer contact information in 2013 as a top priority. It doesn’t matters how you are planning to grow your business this year you will definitely require customer contacts.


Today less than 16% of fans will see any subsequent content post if you are posting in Facebook. But nearly 97 % of the emails are sent to consumer inbox when you have their contacts. When you have the control on your contacts then you are a step ahead in updating those customers with special offers or other developments you want to deliver.


4. Email engagement will outshine email opens

Obviously only just mailing to your consumers will not work successfully as you are not sure enough whether someone is going through the mail or not. Only opening the mail does not mean they are read it carefully or finding your content appealing to take any further action. Only with tracking clicks you can identify it is working or not so that you can find out your effectiveness. You can judge your consumers by the clicks on the links regarding the type of contents they are entertaining the most. This will help in creating separate list and sending more a more relevant product information.


5. Email will get even more social

We all know in accordance with the developing technology the social networking sites are gaining tremendous popularity. So 2013 is going to be a whirlwind year for the small business on social media.


In just 12 months businesses spread like nowhere before starting from Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and many more. But it’s not like that they are for waste rather they are continuously generating good result. Recent statistics had proved those business are successful enough which have combined there social and email marketing together.


Email will get even more social


With all these changes in business marketing email marketing is one of the easiest and quickest and the best way of promoting your business. Just keep on following the simple and basic steps which will guide you in growing your business in no time.