7 Beautiful JQuery Photo Plugins for Developers


As a web developer I know it’s very good to use JQuery in web applications and websites. So when I saw JQuery in web sites, I also want to put the best JQuery Plugin in my applications like other developers do, but question arises that where to find beautiful and breathtaking JQuery Plugins, so I decided to search on Google, but you know friends it’s really time consuming to find JQuery Plugins and to see their demos.


So here I got an idea and I came with some beautiful and gorgeous JQuery Plugins which are going to give your web applications and websites an awesome look and life. I searched many sites and got some beautiful JQuery Plugins for Photo gallery. This is small effort done by me, I hope you all will like it so enjoy with some beautiful JQuery Plugins.


1.Interactive Photo Desk with jQuery and CSS3

Demo | Download



2.Thumbnails Navigation Gallery with JQuery

Demo | Download


3.Minimalistic Slideshow Gallery

Demo | Download


4.Unique Gallery Using z-index and JQuery

Demo | Download


5.Polaroid photo viewer with CSS3 and JQuery

Demo | Download


6.Photoshoot plug-in

Demo | Download


7.Revealing Slider

Demo | Download