8 Must Have IPhone Applications For Your Business Needs


iPhone is a device presented by Apple Inc. performing the function of a mobile phone, MP3 player (iPod) and Instant Messaging. But as the time breaks away, iphone becomes more popular not for the general mobile users only but to fulfill their business needs also. These iphone apps will help you out to edit an Excel file on the fly, to locate business performance metrics or simply keep you notes like Microsoft’s One Note.



Ask most of the Windows users who have switched to the Mac OS, which application they miss the most? and they’ll cite OneNote. Microsoft’s note organizer and personal database is a stellar product for anyone who lives and breathes data and notes. Since OneNote is not available on either the Mac or the iPhone, alternatives are important, and the best replacement I’ve found is Evernote.


The standard (free) subscription allows you to upload 25MB of notes each month; a premium subscription ups that to 500MB per month. Either way, Evernote on your iPhone will allow you to create notes easily .
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2.ActiveStrategy Enterprise Mobile™

ActiveStrategy Enterprise Mobile™ (ASE Mobile) provides mobile access to your ActiveStrategy Enterprise® Scorecards and other strategic performance information and indicators you need to manage your organization effectively.


  • ActiveStrategy Enterprise supports a wide-range of frameworks and methodologies, such as Balanced Scorecards, Malcolm Baldrige criteria, Six Sigma, and more. It also enables organizations to effectively align Human Capital to overall strategy via Personal Goal Management and Management-by-Objective.
  • ASE Mobile synchronization requires that you are an active ActiveStrategy Enterprise customer with a valid user profile. Guest login and sample data is provided for demonstration purposes only. ASE Mobile also requires ActiveStrategy Enterprise Version 7.1 and ActiveStrategy Mobile Synchronization Server Version 1.0.

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An application which can help you keep important human resource and business management processes moving. By using Workday, you can review and approve HR and business management processes.


Workday for iPhone helps managers and employees keep important human resource and business management processes moving.

  • Managers can review and approve hires, time-off requests, expense reports, requisitions, and much more.
  • Employees can search their global company directory to see where others sit and where they fit in the organization. With a simple touch, employees can call, email, or map their way around the organization.
  • Employees can instantly view the status of business processes they have initiated.

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4.Oracle Business Indicators

It is a business intelligence application that provides real-time, secure access to business performance information on the mobile device.


Offers a highly intuitive user interface designed specifically for the mobile business user to browse, search and locate business performance metrics and view metric details in an engaging display. It gives you instant access to all of your personally secured reports, metrics and alerts.

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TripIt is a useful service for keeping up your travel, as well as the travel of colleagues and business associates.When it comes to keeping up with flight numbers and times, hotel and rental car reservations, and the like, TripIt on the iPhone is quite sufficient. And because it takes its info from the data you enter on the TripIt Web site, no additional effort is required.


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Omniture SiteCatalyst® provides marketers with actionable, real-time intelligence about online strategies and marketing initiatives. SiteCatalyst helps marketers quickly identify the most profitable paths through their Web site, determine where visitors are navigating away from their site, and identify critical success metrics for online marketing campaigns. SiteCatalyst is part of the Omniture Online Business Optimization Suite.


  • Native iPhone application for quick, easy, and secure login to SiteCatalyst
  • Take advantage of SiteCatalyst bookmarks and dashboards directly on your iPhone
  • Take real-time reports with you for marketing on-the-go
  • Simple and intuitive way to browse SiteCatalyst reports on your iPhone

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Roambi allows you easily view and interact with up-to-the-minute company information, giving you the insight you need for on-the-go analysis, impromptu presentations and smart decision-making. Roambi puts the pulse of your business, in the palm of your hand. Analyze and share the latest information of your company on any iPad or iPhone.


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It is the first truly interactive mobile BI application built from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod touch, lets you to quickly and easily explore and analyze your business data.


  • It allows users to access analysis on a QlikView Server. This is the first truly interactive mobile BI application built from the ground up for the iPhone and iPod touch.
  • It requires access to a QlikView Server, which must be licensed separately. We do, however, provide access to our public demo server, demo.qlikview.com, by default on the iPhone and iPod touch client. This allows users who download this client to experience the QlikView solution without having to first buy a QlikView server
  • QlikView Business Intelligence software allows you to quickly and easily get answers to business questions.

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