What is JavaScript and the top 5 reasons behind learning it


If you have ever clicked on a link to visit websites, then you have been exposed to the front-end of probably a JavaScript code. Almost all websites use CSS, HTML and JavaScript as the skeleton with a few exceptions like Amazon.com which works just fine without JavaScript. The structure of the website is taken care of by HTML whereas Cascading Style Sheets or CSS handles the design aspect. This might put up the site but it’s akin to a static billboard. JavaScript is the code which breathes life into it and makes all the cool stuff you do on websites possible.


In a nutshell, JavaScript or JS as it’s popularly called is primarily a front-end web development language created to bridge the gap between scripting and Java. It can make a web page more flexible and user-friendly by flushing it with interactivity. In fact, if you don’t use JS then making your website more engaging for the user becomes quite a challenging task.

Needless to say, taking up a JavaScript training course today adds weight to your CV and helps you stay ahead of the curve. Here are the top 5 advantages of JavaScript which are sure to help you decide whether a JavaScript course is for you or not.

Who is it for?

A JavaScript training and certification course is mainly for those individuals who are looking to learn modern web development. Also, if you are someone who intends to build flexible and holistic applications using JavaScript then a certification in JavaScript is just what you need to hit a career home run.

Although before you rush to sign up to a JavaScript course it might be useful to look at a few top advantages of JavaScript. Below are the top 5!

1.JavaScript works well with the user

Whenever you click on an article within a website or intend on doing some activity say hover over a button, a request gets sent to the server which undergoes processing and then returns a response. On the other hand, you must have noticed how a new status on Facebook prevents the entire page from reloading which saves precious microseconds. All this is possible because of the JavaScript code which does not need to be sent to the server side. This boosts the interactivity of the page and improves user experience by leaps and bounds.

2.It is platform independent 

Many people get discouraged with learning a new language due to the numerous installation procedures. JavaScript, on the other hand, is platform independent as any JavaScript enabled browser can interpret JavaScript code. This gives you a lot of flexibility and allows you to begin learning and practising almost anywhere.

3.Very simple to learn

Most beginners get overwhelmed by languages that have convoluted syntaxes and a difficult learning curve. If you are someone who is looking for technology that allows you to write programs for web development but that which is also easy to write,  then JavaScript is your best option. With a highly intuitive syntax, JS is quite easy to grasp and anybody without any prior coding experience can learn the language quickly.

4. JavaScript has powerful frameworks

Who doesn’t like ready-made code? There is an extensive list of holistic frameworks which are built around JavaScript and include ready-to-use codes which can be deployed as is. In case you are worried about bugs, the majority are bug-free and debugging is fairly simple and quick. Also, depending on which framework you choose, you will gain access to multiple features that will not just improve your productivity but also help in saving a lot of time.

5.JavaScript can run multiple tasks simultaneously

In the world of software and web development, this particular feature is termed as concurrency. With JavaScript, you get access to this feature through an event loop module which allows it to run and execute multiple sets of varied instructions at the same time. This can be noticed when you activate a JavaScript event on your web page. At the exact moment of it being activated the JavaScript run-time gets to storing the information in the messaging queue while a call back function can be executed simultaneously. If working with languages with this level of concurrency gets your blood flowing then a JavaScript training course is right up your alley

These are the top 5 reasons why you should do the course from a reputed institute. So what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and give your career a huge boost!