Top 7 Website Builders of 2019

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After walking around of my Computer Science I last amid my first year of school, I realized I’d never code anything in my life again. My software engineering class was unbelievably intriguing, and we learned only the theory of programming languages. When we needed to put theory into the main programming I was doing was messaging my friend to email me the code of the project I was dealing with.

If you’re as layman as me when it comes to programming and wants to build a website for your business, don’t get panicked. There are reasonable, instinctive website builders that can enable you to build up a dynamic site without any coding information. So that’s what we did. We’ve gathered together the seven of the best ones for 2019 underneath.

  1. WordPress

It powers over 30% of the website on the internet and is hands down the most popular website builder out there. Whether you want to build a website for your business or personal use, you can use its intuitive and user-friendly editor to do so.

It also allows you to add images, videos, links easily with its drag and drop feature. If you want to enhance your website’s visibility and utilize SEO practices,  WordPress has all these built-in features.

Besides that, it offers hundreds of beautiful themes you can use to build a beautiful site without much coding knowledge.

  1. Wix

Wix is a standout amongst the most flexible website builders available. The website builders offer the capacity to construct a site explicitly for stores, artists, occasions, and eateries.

If your business doesn’t work under one of the recently referenced classes, don’t stress, Wix is as yet a suitable choice. Their without code manager is convincing and natural, giving more than 500 site formats, more than 100 fonts, scroll impacts, on an app market, and intuitive usefulness, giving you a chance to construct a site for almost any kind of association.

If you’d preferably have full command over your site’s usefulness, you can build custom web applications on your site with Wix’s Code APIs and JavaScript. Wix also offers Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI), which uses a questionnaire you fill out to structure a customized proficient site for you.

  1. Squarespace

Squarespace offers award-winning, fully customizable website templates designed by their skilled team of web designers. It lets you craft some of the most visually beautiful websites that a website builder can ever offer.

It offers intuitive and robust marketing tools like SEO features, email campaign metrics, blogging, social media integrations online store builder, calendars, lead generations, and a map of your store location.

Furthermore, Squarespace offers integration to enhance your design and marketing endeavors. Getty Images, Unsplash, Eventbrite, Disqus, PayPal, OpenTable, Google Maps, Google AMP are some great examples.

Choose your website builder wisely

Make a list of the things you need on your website. It must include all the point with regards to Google’s algorithms. Set a budget aside. Analyze the things you want on your site and are they crucial to be there? Will you be able to market through your website? As soon as you jot down these questions and seek answers, you’ll be able to find your ideal website builder.