Which Cloud Provider Is Best for Your Business


Because of the uncertainties involved in storing company information in hard drives, we now have more beneficial cloud storage. In a market with a host of providers, you could be forgiven for not knowing which cloud provider is best for your business.

Now, if you are going to entrust your information to a cloud storage provider, the first consideration to make is it has to be reputable.

Currently, the most visible cloud providers are Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service, IBM and Google.

Assuming your choice will fall in one of these service providers, let us first see what you need to consider before you pick a cloud provider which is best for your business.


Since we have discussed reputation, we shall go straight ahead to the cost of service. Here, there are providers listing their prices based on usage while others charge standard monthly rates.

As a start-up, you should always go for the option that best serves your interest of minimizing input and maximizing output. For example, you could consider the Amazon Web Service (AWS) for cloud service in this respect than Microsoft Azure.


Depending on where you are hosting your cloud storage, you may experience faster speeds and efficiency in some areas over the others when you compare AWS vs Azure.

An example is that you could experience considerably lower performance in Europe and India as there are no dedicated fiber lines in these areas. If you are using Google as the provider, these geographical factors could affect you.

Despite being launched four years after Amazon Web Service (AWS), Azure enjoys a strong presence in at least 54 countries worldwide.

Subscribing to its Cloud service is a whopping 90per cent of the Fortune 500 companies.

Some of these companies are 3M, Coca-Cola, Walmart, Samsung, among other notable industry players.


Much as cloud service providers offer more or less the same services, you should look out for vendors with a little more extra service like interoperability, advanced security and multi-device usage.

The safety of your information comes first when you are choosing the best cloud service provider for your business. In this regard, you should go for one service provider that addresses issues like extra data security layers just in case your data is corrupted.

In general, AWS controls a larger market share than the other cloud service providers. This is partly because of their innovative nature and largely due to their being the first in the game.

For this reason, AWS enjoys a wide range of features, compatibility and flexibility of usage.  Microsoft Azure, on the other hand, has quite a bit of catching up to do.


Now, while Microsoft Azure only works with Linux and Windows to run its cloud fabric layer, the AWS enjoys much more scalability and interoperability. Similarly, it has a subscription package which allows clients to use virtual clusters of computers any time over the internet.

With this level of flexibility, it is safe to say that Amazon Web Service (AWS) is one efficient cloud service provider to consider.


When your business finally settles on the single-most noble idea of cloud storage, these are the factors to consider. While these may not be the only considerations, they could help you a great deal in determining which cloud provider is best for your business.