Explore Bangladesh from the Eyes of Anas Bukhash


Anas Bukhash is one of the few photographers which realize the living world as a soul. He is a Dubai born photographer, who started his photography passion with a mobile camera capturing friends, family and surrounding environment. With all types of feedback received from people, his wife, a photographer herself pushed him so much to take his hobby to the next level and let him owe a professional camera. From that point of life his journey of living his passion began, he traveled many destinations around the world to find new and interesting places, people and atmosphere. With the help of that professional camera, his observing power of surroundings began to improve; now he is able to capture professional shots with an extra touch of life and soul. Whenever he meets people around the world he always try to find out a story lies within their smile, eyes, emotions and wrinkles. In 2008, he joined the Dubai Cares Team on a field trip of Bosnia and Herzegovina to assist them in portraiture photography.


Later he tripped to Bangladesh as self-volunteer to support an educational project , there he find extreme poverty, slums and lower living condition of people, which was an eye opener for him. In 2009 he officially joined the Dubai Cares Team as the Country Program Manager and visited many developing countries like Yemen, Mauritania, Bangladesh, India, and Comoros Island etc. He described these visits as the best photography moments as he compared their living conditions to his own; especially when it comes to the things we take for granted, such as safety and education. Today, we are showcasing his photography work done into Bangladesh. The following images are not the property of Blogger’s Path; we are just listing these to elaborate Anas Bukhash’s photography work.










No Electricity


Fruit Market








Cry of Life


Slums of Dhaka






Color of Bangladesh


Smile for Education


Colorful Life








A Break


Water Sanitation


Between the Houses


Young at the same time Old




Anas Bukhash

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