25 Photoshop CS5 & Illustrator CS5 Tutorials


At the beginning of the designing, there were limited resources and guidance available for the designers, resulting very limited concepts and illustration work having very poor clarity. As the time goes further, designers are introduced with more responsive and skilled technologies and tools. One of the most valuable invention might be from the Adobe company named Photoshop. Photoshop is the most used graphic and image manipulation software among designers. It changed the views, thinking and the way of presenting graphics and images. Now the images looks more beautiful and realistic having life within. Photoshop contains powerful tools which enable designers to create the most amazing and out of the world creativity. But there were still the problem for the novice designers which has at the some point, limited creativity and experience about graphics. This was looking hard to learn because only tools cannot be the success point for the people having less knowledge about Photoshop.


Now the time has changed, Photoshop has been introduced into its new look – Photoshop CS5 – more powerful and great user supports. Now Photoshop itself providing extensive guide for the novice designers or having less concept creation ability. On internet, you can find thousand of Photoshop tutorials to learn and to sharpen your designing skills. Today, we are listing 25 Photoshop CS5 & Illustrator CS5 Tutorials for novice designers, if you are expert of this field then these tutorials might the the good inspiration for you.


Sexy Mechanical Pinup


Antique Look


Dark Surreal Photo Manipulation


Old to Young Transformation


Giant Man In The City


Stone Woman


Wall Graffiti


Mixed Media Masterpiece


Beauty Woman Effect


Hand Drawing Sketch With Photo


Dark and Gloomy Photo Manipulation


Money Style Illustration


Chevrolet Logo


Grunge Vintage Poster


Futuristic Textured


Candy 3D Text Effect


Gothic Black Letter Typography


Graffiti in Inkscape


Skin-Textured Typography


Wooden Text Effect


Create a Luxurious Gold Watch


Wooden Social Media Icon


Create a Realistic Credit Card


Create a Blackberry Torch


Dynamic 3D Puzzle Effect

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