7 Things a Customer Support Rep is DYING to Tell You


We’ve all dealt with customer support reps before. Problem with credit bills? Check. Cable TV not working? Been there, done that. Broadband acting up? Join the club.  So it comes as no surprise that when something goes wrong, we take it out on whichever hapless customer service rep we happen to be assigned to. However, some of them have come up with valuable tips and tricks compiled specially for customers so that they may enjoy a better call center experience.

customer support rep


1. Automated menus aren’t so bad after all.

There are reasons why automated menus have been created, and that is to connect you to the right agent. Tip: don’t mash your telephone buttons and don’t go ballistic if you aren’t directed to the right agent that can help you. Exercise a little patience – a little wait goes a long way.

2. Customer support agents are humans too.

Like humans, customer support representatives believe in lifelong learning. So don’t get mad if you do encounter a newbie trying to learn just about EVERY answer to your EVERY question, and that’s not including the many different company policies and provisions. Give them a break, and do say ‘thank you’ if your issue has been successfully resolved as it WILL spur them on to keep up the good work.

3. Be prepared with a positive mindset.

Know that all customer service reps are able to help you, to a certain level, of course. It just won’t do to pick up the phone and seek help from a customer service agent with a negative mindset that he or she is an incompetent individual. So, do avoid starting the call on the offensive and you’ll have a richer experience in the end.

4. Be prepared. Period.

In other words, have the necessary information in hand. Customer service agents don’t go around asking questions for fun, unless it is with the intention to assist you the best they can. Don’t get frustrated when they verify details or ask for your number more than once – they’re just trying to do their job.

5. Don’t rant, be concise.

Express what you want in a clear and concise manner. No amount of ranting and cussing can speed things up, so be sure to state what are your objectives in calling, and what you would like your customer service rep to do for you, be it in terms of technical support or just assisting you in clarifying matters..

6. Want friendlier agents? Call early.

Some agents may have to take on late shifts in the day, but it is generally understood that if you want a nice encounter with a friendly customer service rep, you should call as early as you can in the morning. On average, a customer support rep typically handles between 65 to 85 calls a day, so you should understand just how tiring it is for these reps to treat each call as if it was their one and only call for the day.

7. Provide feedback, praise or constructive comments.

One of the sunniest spots in a customer service rep’s day is when they receive feedback after successfully assisting their customers. While praises can be likened with music to the ears, feedback from unsatisfied customers are equally crucial in helping to determine which areas need improvement.