Why Satellite TV Is Better Than Cable


Choosing between satellite and cable TV can be a difficult decision. For both mediums, there are plenty of companies out there offering a variety of different deals and products. However, when compared with cable television, satellite TV holds a lot of advantages which are preferable to the customer. It boasts superior picture and sound quality, faster and simpler installation and a far wider spectrum of channels, giving you more to watch at an affordable price.


Why Satellite TV Is Better Than Cable



Generally speaking satellite TV offers a far higher quality and better service than cable TV. Cable has a limited band-with and the cable has to pass through from the service provider, throughout your local community before reaching the hub transmission system near your home.

The radio frequency running through these cables is liable to distortion from external sources. This is because it has to be converted from a digital audio and video signal into an analogue radio signal whilst travelling through the cable, before converting back into a digital audio and visual signal at your TV. Furthermore, cables become worn and damaged over time. Unless the cable has recently been laid in the ground, you can almost guarantee that there will be some wear and tear along the line which is affecting your signal. If there is a major problem with the cable, this could cause you to lose transmission altogether.

Alternatively, satellite TV transmits an entirely digital signal, which is not vulnerable to static and radio interference. So long as a signal is being transmitted to your satellite, you can guarantee a high quality picture any time.



Satellite TV offers more channels than cable because it is available across the country. This means there are more potential customers for TV channel providers. Furthermore because satellite TV uses digital signals, there are more high definition channels available.



Satellite providers avoid taxes incurred by local governments and have smaller infrastructures because they do not have to invest millions of pounds laying cable throughout the country. With most packages, satellite customers can enjoy a far wider selection of channels at a much lower price. It is especially cheaper for customers interested in premium, HD and Pay-Per-View channels. Companies such as satellitetv.net offer great advice on the ideal package and service provider for you.



Contrary to popular belief, installing a satellite dish is no more expensive than installing a cable connection. Satellite providers often offer great deals on reduced installation fees, so it is worth keeping an eye out when considering potential service providers.



Cable is not available throughout the country. Even in some large towns and cities customers will find themselves in a location which does not have a cable network. Alternatively satellite is available everywhere, even in rural locations. All you need is a dish. It is always worth researching the best package for your area and the dish which will provide the best service for your home.