Digital Era Pushing Home Broadband to the Limit


How many gadgets do you have that connect to your home broadband? Most family homes have several smartphones, a tablet or two, perhaps a games console and a few laptops spread around the home. Bandwidth is being eaten alive with all the gadgets and gizmos in the home that are now able to connect to Wi-Fi. The problem is many homes in the UK simply don’t have the speeds and the necessary bandwidth that is needed in the digital era.
Home Broadband

How Can You Tell Your Internet Connection is struggling?

The signs of a struggling connection are pretty clear, the most obvious being speed, or lack of speed. If you pay for an unlimited package and yet still find that sometimes it takes a long time for websites to load or music to download it’s clear that your current package just isn’t cutting the mustard.
When you begin to notice an issue with slow loading times it’s a good idea to do a speed test. You don’t have to be technically minded in order to check your speeds. All you need is to find a decent website that will provide you with a test without charging you anything. There are plenty available, you can even get apps on your phone these days! You may also be able to find a link to a suitable speed test website from your own Internet provider.

What’s Considered to be a Decent Speed?

Ultrafast Internet is considered to be anything above 24Mbps in the UK. Anything below 20 and you’re going to struggle if you have a lot of family members or flat mates that all love to go online. The sad truth is that most homes in the UK currently have to cope with just over 8Mbps. Compared with many other parts of the world 8Mbps is simply lacking.
The good news is the UK is slowly catching up. With fibre optic broadband being introduced to most cities and towns it is hoped that by the end of 2017 almost every area will have superfast broadband. This comes as great news for businesses but also for families, students and anyone who shares a flat. With the faster speeds all the devices that connect to the Internet will no longer be so draining on the bandwidth.

Can I Get Fibre Optic Broadband?

Unlike the broadband we’re used to here in the UK; your connection will no longer be reliant on copper wires. When you upgrade to superfast broadband your connection will be sent via fibre optics, an Internet infrastructure that is able to maintain a strong connection at all times. You may think you will have to spend a fortune to receive speeds of up to 300Mbps but you won’t, which is great news for everyone in the UK.
Fibre broadband is already available in many areas. If you’re a modern family with plenty of gadgets and are fed up of slow download times it is worth finding a suitable provider. Don’t get left behind and struggle online. Make sure the entire family can get online at any time without being forced to wait.