Setting Up A Brand New eCommerce Website


Setting up a brand new website for your business is one great way to increase sales and profits. A business is bound to grow more if there’s a way to reach out to customers effectively, and having a website is one of these strategies.  Many people today feel that shopping online is much easier than visiting a brick and mortar store to make a purchase. Also, a business website makes a brand accessible to a much wider range of market.  What key aspects of an eCommerce website should you take into consideration?  Let’s talk about three fundamental factors that can affect the effectiveness of your business website:

The Design

web design

Needless to say, simply having a business website is not enough.  The ideal business website is one that has a well-executed design.  Hence, hiring a professional designer is strongly recommended for business owners who plan to market their business online.  The best part about working with a designer is that the design, layout, and structure of the website can be customized to accurately represent your brand.

The Catalog

StickerMule website design

The catalog on the website is simply the page where people can view the different products or services available online.  It is very important to keep the catalog updated, especially when it comes to product availability.  The design of the website can be created in a way that makes the task of updating the catalog easy and quick.  Ask your chosen web designer to create a simple interface that will allow you to easily add new products or change the details by yourself.

The Sales

shopping cart

All sales processed through the website will be handled through an online payment system. Be sure to provide your customers with a shopping cart or a wish list with user-friendly features.  A good shopping cart should not have complicated features.  Customers should be able to figure out how to do buy items from your website without hassle.  Buttons should be quickly recognizable and customers should instantly be able to see whether to click here or there, once they’re ready to check out and make their payment.

Most online payment systems will require customers to enter personal information like name, address, and credit card details, to process the purchase.  On this note, a secure connection is crucial to protect your customers’ personal information online.  As a merchant doing business online, your customers need assurance that their privacy is protected, and that their personal information will not be sold or used in other transactions without their consent.