5 Smart Phone Apps Which Help You Make Money

Money transactions by mobile phone

Who does not love an extra buck? It gets even better when you make it easily with your beloved smart phone. The following are 10 smart phone apps which help you make that extra buck:

  1. 1Q


This smart phone app is available on iOS and Android operating systems. You just have to sign up and answer survey questions, each question pays $1 and payments are made instantly through Paypal. There is no need to accumulate a minimum balance for the payout. The app pays you an instant dollar every time you answer a simple question or you can choose a charity to donate the money to. Companies all over the world would like to hear your opinions or in simply sending you an offer, based on who or where you are, and the app allows them to send these questions or offers directly to the app users.

  1. Checkpoints

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Another app which is available for Android and iOS users. You can make money through this app by collecting points when you watch videos, shop online, take a quiz, complete offers etc. you can choose from hundreds of rewards which includes gift cards from stores such as Wal-Mart, Amazon, Target etc. Users can also get entries for free gift cards, gas cards, shopping etc. This is an app which pays you back with free rewards no matter where you are. You can collect points when you are out shopping, use Checkpoints in your favorite stores to scan the bar codes on products such as Olay, Vick’s, Coco Cola etc to earn points for greater rewards and prizes.


  1. Field Agent


This app helps you make money by completing different micro tasks, from checking display compliance to checking shelf availability.  You can make money completing small jobs and you will get paid anywhere between $3-$12 per job and your payment will be made to PayPal. This app works with brands such as Hershey’s, Tyson and Target. The app’s mission is to pay people real money every day through their mobile devices for doing the task. This app is available on iOS and Android. The jobs which are assigned through this app are small assignments which can be completed at everyday places from your living room to a local grocery store. Users get paid for providing product info, photos etc.


  1. Gigwalk


This is a must have money making app for iPhone or Android phone to earn a 2nd paycheck as they go about their day. This app is a great way to get paid while you build your professional profile. Users can connect with the businesses who are in search of local contract work done. You just have to register, apply for an assignment and finish the task. The payout ranges from 46 to $220 and is available across many cities in US and parts of Canada.


  1. Receipt Hog


This is a fun and easy app which is available for iOS and Android and is a rewarding way of turning your everyday shopping receipts to cash. The app pays you money for taking surveys and shopping. You have to download the app and take pics of your receipts from club store, grocer, drug store, pet and beauty stores etc. You will be rewarded with coins and you can redeem them for cash through Paypal or Amazon gift cards.