5 Reasons Why Android Is Far Better Than iPhone


Both Android and iOS have neck to neck competition forever, fighting each other for the major share of the U.S. Smartphone sell. But comparisons between both the smart phones give you an idea about various ways in which Android does extremely well.

Each and every one has different fondness for what they try to find in a Smartphone. Take a look at the 5 Reasons Android is better than iPhone.


5 Reasons Why Android Is Far Better Than iPhone


1. Size of the screen

Android phones come in all sizes and shapes, enabling it to find one that matches your requirements. Gradually high-end Android phones are surfacing with larger and larger displays. Samsung Galaxy S3, world’s blockbusting Smartphone which has a 4.8-inch display i.e. 0.8 inches larger than the screen on the iPhone 5.

The popular Samsung Galaxy S4 has a 5.0-inch screen. HTC’s latest phone, the HTC One, has a display of 4.7 inch. Both the manufacturers are continuously fighting for who has the latest and excellent Android phone.


2. Widgets

Widgets help you to instantly view information on your home screen, without opening an app. The skill to individually tailor Android’s home screen is one of its major attractions.

Android also permits the use of widgets when your screen is locked. The lock screen is what is initially shown when you push a button to trigger the display i.e. the initial thing you observe when searching your Smartphone. These widgets can bring up to date lively, result in the show latest, up-to-date, info.


3. Changeable keyboard

Android permits its users to install and then use of any kind keyboard they prefer. There are lots of eminent keyboards offered in the Google Play Store, and any keyboard a user chooses will work for all apps within the entire phone.

Many people have cast off normal, key-by-key typing in favour of dragging their finger through the letters they want. The most popular “Swype” keyboard whereas comes integrated on a few phones and in the Google Play market is SwiftKey. It has auto-correct capabilities, ground-breaking prediction.


4. Google

Many users of Google’s suite of online services will discover great addition on Android phones. Google Voice users will experience the capability of making calls from their Google Voice phone number from every place in the phone.

Google’s all-in-one virtual subordinate Google Now expressed by techradar.com as “uniting the effective search with important information you’ll need to retrieve rapidly around the day,” has been a huge success. This service has taken lots of positive reviews and is being termed the initial real opponent to Apple’s Siri. It is only accessible on Android.


5. Deep cross-app integration

Cross-app integration is something i.e. greatly missed by Apple iPhone users and taken for granted by long-time Android users. It is one of the finest areas where iPhone and Android mostly fluctuates.

Cross-app integration has the proficiency for one app to call an additional and disclose information with it. Cross-app integration permits you to use any app as it is the system default for that app category.

This article will help them who need to switching from iOS to Android by considering the 5 Reasons Android is better than iPhone.