10 Useful Tips to Increase Your Android Phone’s Battery Life


You are an Android fan but you don’t like encountering situations when your phone runs out of its battery. As a T-Mobile prepaid cell phones user, you must know that there are various many ways that can actually help you in boosting up your Android phone’s battery life.


The endurance of the battery is determined by many a factors for even a simple mobile phone. In case of Android phones, there are definitely some easy tips that turn you into a smart user who can intelligently maintain the longevity of battery. Therefore to boost up your Android phone’s battery life you can greatly benefit from the expert tips herein:


Android Battery Life Increase


1. Optimum screen brightness/Automatic brightness

To have maximum screen brightness is not a wise decision at all. Use screen brightness setting options to choose for an optimum level of screen brightness. On one hand it will help in conserving your battery’s capacity and also it will be beneficial to your eyes as well (extreme brightness is not good for your eyes). Thus it gives you dual benefit. On the contrary, adjust your brightness as per the needs.


2. Adjust widget update intervals

Though it feels cool to have Facebook and Twitter access on your Android phone but it is not so cool when you keep getting updates at very short intervals; because every time you get one at your end, you lose some battery. To get rid of the unnecessary frequent updates you should set your widget update interval to at least 30 minutes in duration.


3. Switch off the unused networks

Using network options without any need viz. Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS is not advisable. Turn on the airplane mode if you need to save some battery even when you are not traveling in a plane (this is good battery saving method indeed). Also switch to 2G/3G when you do not have any 3G/4G coverage.


4. Keep your apps updated

This is an interesting tip to preserve your battery as the recent app updates are mostly less battery consuming. So when you keep your apps updated, you have a longer lasting battery for sure.


5. Disable the Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a real culprit in running down your battery. It consumes much of your battery when your browse web pages on your Android phone. A good expert advice will be to enable Flash Adobe on your browser whenever you do need it there.


6. Power saving mode

When you have critical battery level remaining on your Android phone, in that case you should go with the power saving mode because that will be the most suited thing for you at that moment. The power saving mode gives you the only opportunity to save some power for the crucial times and not go powerless when you have no battery charging options.


7. Turn off your phone when having bad signal strength

At times when you have bad signal strength, you phone will actually try to get a good signal and in that process the battery will be consumed again. So it is better to turn off your phone only to switch it on after a while when you shift from the prior location.


8. Say no to live animated wallpapers

Live animated wallpapers might be great to have but they take too much of juice from your battery unnecessarily. So just try to use them less or not at all.


9. Know actually where your battery goes

To know the usage of the battery follow these simple steps:

  • Go to ‘Settings’
  • Choose ‘About phone’
  • Look for ‘Battery use’

When you know about all the sinks, get rid of the programs and apps that you use rarely.


10. Keep phone less on vibration

While on vibration a phone will utilize much battery than it does while on a ringtone. But when you are in some noisy/loud place then opting for vibration will let you know about your incoming calls, text messages and other updates much easily.