ICP Agile Certified Coach Training


The ICP Agile Certified Coach course or ICP-ACC training is one of two Continuous Learning Certifications (CLCs) offered by the Agile Coaching and Facilitation Track. With this training, participants will be in the position to call themselves an Agile coach. With this position, you can mentor and facilitate agile teams. You will learn to focus on creating goals that your team will be able to achieve via improved team practices. Participants will gain the tools and knowledge on how to guide, solve problems, and build effective teams to get the best performance.

Many studies have been done on the effect of having an Agile coach. One report has shown that teams that adopt Agile without a coach increase their efficiency by 35%. While this might sound impressive, the same study reports that the presence of a coach can increase productivity by 300%. Professionals who aspire to be Agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and leads for Agile projects can greatly benefit from this course.

What the Course is About

The ICP-ACC training focuses on the mindset of an agile coach. The course focuses on the various responsibilities of the coach and imparts valuable tools for future use in various scenarios. The course focuses on the various aspects needed to be a successful coach. This includes the various skills the coach requires along with the importance of having a robust startup agenda.

The ICP-ACC course by KnowledgeHut is a 21-hour online training course that also understands the importance of setting boundaries as a coach and the difference between mentoring and coaching. An important aspect is learning the basics of agile and mindset shift required as a coach to ensure that your team is on a high-performance track.

You will also learn the importance of setting up the right environment for your team along with the role of team development for optimal performance. As with any organisation, you will also have the task of resolving conflicts, and this course gives you the tools to do the same. Organisational impediments are a given in any team and learning how to handle them can be the difference between a mediocre coach and an excellent one.

Key Takeaways           

At the end of the 21-hour training, you will be awarded the ICAgile Certified Professional – Agile Certified Coach certification. You will be in the best possible position to understand the responsibilities and mindset roles of an Agile coach. With these tools, you can mentor an efficient team that syncs well. You will also be awarded 24 PDUs and SEUs.

This course does not have any prerequisites though it will be beneficial if you are already acquainted with the basic principles of Agile and have had some experience being part of an Agile team.

Why KnowledgeHut                                                                                    

KnowledgeHut brings together some of the most experienced professionals to teach this course to all interested participants. You will be able to pick their brains and learn from case studies that are varied in range and application.