Things you need to know about Yahoo! Axis


Yahoo!, which is a dying company, has come out with ways to revive and Yahoo Axis seems to be one of those tactics. Yahoo does not appeal much, to me. But Yahoo Axis did intrigue me and I did a bit of research on the same. Well, I did like what I came across and realized that there is a lot that people are oblivious about and so I have compiled a few things that you need to know about Yahoo Axis


Yahoo! Axis


What is Yahoo Axis?

Yahoo Axis is a web browser extension for desktops and a mobile browser for the users of the Apple devices. This means that you need to have iDevices to get a feel of Yahoo Axis. There is a similar browser extension that has been created for Google Chrome, so in case Chrome is your default browser, then don’t worry, you are not losing out as there is the extension for it. All you need to do is, install and use it. The Yahoo Axis was released on May 23, 2012 and has managed to turn quite a few heads ever since.


How is Yahoo Axis different from other mobile browsers and web browser extensions?

The entire format of the Yahoo Axis is different from the normal web browser extensions as there is a whole list of search results that will appear in the form of thumbnails on the top of the page. Thus, you have the freedom to look into check out a previous search without really navigating from the page that is currently on.


The desktop version of Yahoo! Axis

The installation process of Yahoo Axis on your desktop is lucid. You need to go to the website and click on the “Get it now” option that is present on the homepage of the site. Once you have clicked on this option, the plugin will be installed for your system. After it has been installed, there will be a black search bar that will appear on the end of the browser window. You need to type your search in this bar and as you keep searching the previous searches will move ahead in a horizontal fashion and you can check them out without directing yourself away from the page that you presently are on.


Yahoo Axis as a mobile browser

This is available as an app and the search bar will appear on the top of the screen once you have downloaded it for your phone. But once you start using the app, you will realize that it is akin to the desktop version. The functioning is entirely the same and you are sure to love it as a mobile browser.

This is most of the things that you need to know about Yahoo Axis. If you have not downloaded it yet, for your system, then stop thinking too much and go ahead and do it. Once you have used it, do let me know if you liked it as much as I did or feel that something is missing.


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