Websites – Slow Response Time can kill your business


There were days when word of mouth or paper pamphlets were the only source of publicity. Then came the era of TV and radio and then paper brochures came, which still exists. But when internet entered our lives everything got changed. Online publishing, advertising revamped the whole world of business promotions.


Today individuals and companies both use internet as a strong network for communication. This communication can be personal or professional. When it comes to professional requirements a slow website can even ruin a business. Survey shows 47% of consumers expect a website page to load in two seconds or less. Hence, apart from the software of the website, it is very important to check the speed before a service provider is selected. There are several online businesses mushrooming across the world and most of them highly depends upon the response time of pages.


Website Slow Response Time can kill your business

Like if you take an example of shopping website, once you are able to grab visitors for your site and luckily they are interested to do some shopping then the most important thing to make them promised customers is to provide them a speedy access to the process of shopping. Otherwise however good your products are you would have a difficult time. It is clear from the outcome of a survey done which proves that 40% of consumers abandon a webpage that takes more than three seconds to load. It is checked that if an e-commerce site makes $100,000 per day a one second page delay will cost them $2.5 million annually in lost sales. This shows that even a second or sometime a fraction of second can make big holes in your pockets.


Think about why there are few preferred shopping or most visited websites. One thing common to all is that they will never waste your precious time. See time is money and in this world of high speed it is very important to be quick if you want to run and win the race. So be quick and be wise.


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