How To Choose The Right GPS Navigation Device For Your Needs


This guide aims to do exactly what it says on the tin: inform you of the considerations you need to make when choosing your new GPS Navigation device, so that you buy the perfect one for you.


But, why buy one at all?

Where to start! The technology of sat nav devices has far surpassed gimmicky, and the products available today really are amazing transportation device. Aside from the obvious feature of eliminating getting lost from being a part of your journey, sat nav units also provide live traffic data, plan your route accordingly, save you gas, alert you if you are speeding, give you accurate arrival times, and all you have to do is sit back and continue to drive. No stress, no panic, no arguing with your partner!


How To Choose The Right GPS Navigation Device For Your Needs


There are so many on the market, where do I start?

You can buy a GPS device for anything as little as $70 and as much as $300, but depending on how often you are going to use it and what you want to achieve from buying one, dictates how much you should spend.


First of all, aesthetics. As with all things, the certain look of a device may appeal to you more. Screen sizes vary between 3 and 5 inches, many finding the larger sizes a lot clearer and easier to view data on. However, some people like their device to be small and discreet and easier to hide.


Some devices come with additional mapping, for Canada and Mexico as well as the US. Some even come with European maps pre loaded. This is fantastic if you travel to any of these additional locations on business or take regular family holidays and plan to rent a car, but if you don’t, it is an additional cost you can avoid.


Next you need to consider the features available, and whether or not you will find them useful. Regular features include: Traffic News & Re – Routing, Speeding Alerts, Advanced Lane Guidance, Points Of Interest (Including your nearest Gas and Service Stations Etc), Bluetooth so that you can connect your phone to make a hands free device, Touch-Screen, 3D Mapping, Voice Command Control to name but a few.


As with all technology some people will find certain, if not all, features imperative to their journeys, whilst others find only one or two features genuinely useful and so opt for the lower end of the price scale.


The best advice is to pop in to your nearest gadget store and have a play with the display models to see which one feels right for you and your budget.