Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website


Business and website owners need traffic to their websites in order to generate sales or venue. It’s a common frustration; traffic can peak and dip randomly throughout the years. This leaves the person confused and searching for ways to increase the traffic. There are a whole assortment of ways to increase traffic. Some will not be quick fixes, but they all do produce results.


Image Credits ArtsyBee, CC0 1.0

  • Create a forum on your website. Active forums increase the time on site rates and decrease bounce rates.
  • Start a Facebook group. This group will be a niche type group for people are interested in the type of products or services offered. Members can ask questions and get support. This is a great way to increase relationship with the customers!
  • Social media. Besides the Facebook group, you should also have a Facebook page and a Twitter account. Sites like Instagram can also bring you traffic. Social media is also a great way to connect with customers and answer questions or concerns.
  • Use long-tail keywords. Website owners used to focus on single words as keywords. Using long-tail keywords decreases competition and helps get your website to the top of search engine results.
  • Include links to relevant previous blog posts. When you write a new article, link to previous articles if they are similar. For example, if you are writing about new fishing gear, link to your previous article two months ago about selecting the right inflatable fishing boat. This increases time on site.
  • Guest posts. Find websites or blogs that are similar to your niche area and do a guest post. You are able to include links back to your own website. You can also invite others to do a guest post for your website. This brings their readers to a new site.
  • Post frequently. Most posts increase your traffic. You should post five to six times per week on your website. This may seem like a lot but it will greatly increase the traffic.
  • Relationships with others. Building a community that is in your niche area is important. Relationships with other bloggers results in organic inbound links. Plus, they are likely to refer other people to your website.
  • Index your backlinks. Google does index your backlinks, but they only index a percentage of them. If this is something you aren’t good at, there are experts who use a link indexing tool to make sure all the backlinks are indexed. Using a link indexing tool will ensure Google finds your links and that the ranking goes up. Everyone wants their websites on the first page results; using a link indexing tool can get you there.
  • SEO. Website owners need to learn and understanding SEO – search engine optimization. It is a huge driving force that will bring your website to first page search engine results. Make sure you are using meta-descriptions and using image alt text.
  • Comment on other blogs. When you comment or make helpful statements, it leaves your profile which can link back to your website. Regular commenters can drive referral traffic as well as creating relationships with other bloggers.
  • Headlines. Your headlines need to be creative and compelling. It’s the first thing that readers will see and helps them decide if it is worth their time to read.
  • Post to LinkedIn. This website isn’t just used for finding jobs. It’s a publishing platform as well. This can boost traffic to your site.
  • Interview leaders. Are there people who are well known in your niche areas? If so, feature an interview with these leaders and publish on the blog.

There are so many more ways to generate more website traffic such as selecting the right kind of marketing to use. Try a few of these options and see if your traffic increases.