Tips for Finding Work-Life Balance When Traveling for Work


Everyone struggles to find a good balance between work and personal life; this can be especially true for people who frequently travel for work. If spending time away from home and on the road is a large part of your job, it can be tough to make time for family, friends, relationships, and a life outside of your work schedule. This can take a toll on your mental and emotional health quickly. Here are a few easy tips for finding a better work-life balance on the road.

Consult Your Loved Ones

While it is often true that your work schedule is out of your control, if you are at all able to choose the travel assignments you agree to do or the dates you are gone, it can be helpful to ask your family, close friends, and/or significant other what they think first. Ask what amount of time they are comfortable spending away from you, and what you can do to make things easier on them when you are away. Even if your schedule is ultimately out of your control, including those important to you in this process can be comforting for both of you.

Make the Most of Travel

Ensure that you are away for the shortest amount of time possible by choosing transportation and travel options that take up the least amount of important time. To avoid the time and hassle of airports, consider chartering a private jet from a company like Access Jetl for you and any business associates. This allows you to get to your destination and back quicker, and allows you easily work on the flight. More information about private flights can be found on

Stick to a Routine

Creating and sticking to a thorough schedule at home and on the road is the key to maintaining a sense of normalcy while traveling and ensuring that you will be available to talk to loved ones or take time for self care each day. For example, if you usually wake up around 6 AM at home, try to continue waking up at that time when traveling. If you usually talk to your significant other about your workday while cooking dinner around 6 PM, call them around that time each day while you are gone.

Keep in Contact

Luckily, those who are forced to travel and be apart from loved ones due to work have the advantage of modern technology, which makes it easier to have face-to-face contact and quality time with family and friends from thousands of miles away. In addition to texts and phone calls, try to schedule Facetime or Zoom calls with loved ones when your schedule allows.