What Richard Liu Qiangdong Focuses on To Increase Sales


Richard Liu Qiangdong is a devoted Chinese investor who has made several changes to the ecommerce sector. His company JD.com and other investments continue to increase his fame worldwide. He started from scratch, creating the company to its current position. Despite his family being humble, Richard Liu found self-inspiration to create wealth.

Using His Diverse Skills

Richard Liu graduated with a business-related degree, which helps him implement new ideas and grab upcoming opportunities. For over a decade, Jd.com has managed to win the customers’ confidence and attract more than one million active users. Its website has controlled traffic as people invite more to invest with the company.

Richard Liu Qiangdong is the CEO of the largest retail business in China. His company JD.com has a net worth of more than $12 billion. For over 30 years, this investor has focused on increasing the company’s wealth by implementing several plans. He started by diversifying the business introducing new items.

Selling Different Items

Jd.com sells healthcare products, food, fashion, electronics, and other materials. Such diversity makes it a one-stop-shop, encouraging customers to continue purchasing more from it. After COVID-19 struck, people opted to buy goods online instead of shopping. In return, Jd.com increased its net worth. Moreover, there were more operations.

Besides the diversity, Richard Liu has invested in introducing advanced technology. He has introduced drones and robots used for deliveries. This investor made vast sales during Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve as people purchased goods.

Richard Liu has also introduced an autonomous delivery vehicle that enhances sales. People rely on this technology since it guarantees fast delivery with no complications in order.

Richard Liu has made vast improvements to the company compared to other years. This investment reflects in the groundbreaking results, which continue to promote the company. The company results in November 2021 increased massively. The secret behind this success entails the intensive acquisition of the customers and the type of products produced.

High-quality products

Richard Liu focuses on investing in high-quality products production. He has collaborated with qualified manufacturers and business owners to help provide advanced goods. Evaluation is done on these goods before being sent to the market. Richard Liu and his team continue introducing new products to the customers during the promotion sales.

Singles Day Promotion

Other investments include a partnership with Seven Fresh Company. Richard Liu is helping this firm increase its sales and open more stores. After this company explained its goals, Richard Liu Qiangdong took the initiative to help them become better. He is working closely with other CEOs to share new ideas and continue making more changes in the E-commerce sector. Different investors nominated Richard Qiangdong as a top leader; therefore, his advice significantly transformed people’s lives.

In 2021, Richard Liu started a mall in the Nanjing sector. This mall serves numerous people in the world. What makes it outstanding is its focus on selling high-quality products to customers. Moreover, the management sets aside an excellent promotion day inviting thousands of people. The mission of Jd.com chains is to serve authentic products delivered within a short period.

Richard Liu Qiangdong explains how his company values the opportunity to partner with other investors to satisfy customer needs. His devotion is creating a gala where people can meet and see what the company offers. Richard Liu shows confidence in the partnership to create an atmosphere for people to shop freely. The robust development of new products and singles day promotion inspires the customers to continue purchasing from JD.com. Such improvements and launches expand the company’s ability to sell to more customers worldwide.