The Pros & Cons of Bringing Marketing Efforts In-House


It’s well established that companies need to focus on digital marketing if they hope to increase their customer base, improve sales numbers, and in general, thrive in the modern business environment. While that much is a given, it’s much more difficult to say exactly how businesses should go about implementing their marketing plans. And one of the biggest decisions business owners face in this regard is whether to outsource their marketing needs or to develop their very own marketing department. Here, we’ll examine the pros and cons of each option and explain what makes the most sense for your organization:

 Partnering with an Agency: Pros & Cons

 Perhaps the biggest advantage to partnering with a dedicated marketing agency is also the most obvious one: expert assistance. Professionals who work at marketing firms have specialized skills and knowledge, and they’ll be able to implement strategies quickly and effectively. In addition to providing quality content, SEO hacks, and digital ad management, professional marketing agencies will allow your employees to focus on other important aspects like product development, customer service, and sales conversion.

The drawbacks associated with employing an outside firm to handle your marketing efforts vary on a case-by-case basis. Some agencies simply charge too high a rate to offer cost-effective solutions. Others may be located far from your home office, and thus, struggle to collaborate with your team. And, in worst-case scenarios, some marketing professionals simply won’t give your company their full attention; they may have other clients that take priority.

 Bringing Marketing In House: Pros & Cons

 In the long run, bringing marketing in house generally makes more financial sense than hiring services out to a freelancer or agency. Furthermore, creating your own marketing department will ensure that you have constant communication between your marketing and sales teams. And, of course, individuals who work within your marketing department will solely focus on optimizing your strategies and your strategies alone.

 While adopting a DIY marketing approach may make sense for some companies, others don’t have the infrastructure or the manpower required to staff an entire marketing team. Also, severing ties with a marketing agency means that your employees will lose out on a vital resource in the form of meaningful marketing advice and guidance. In all likelihood, you’ll probably have to take a few steps back and deal with some growing pains before you can match prior marketing performance.

 The Bottom Line

 Deciding to move marketing in house is a big call, but it doesn’t have to be a binary one. Rather, companies may decide to continue to outsource certain services (like PPC management, for instance) even as they shift toward an in-house marketing model. A little contextual intelligence can make a big difference in determining the best path forward for your organization. And, of course, not all marketing agencies are created equal. Switching firms –– rather than ditching them altogether –– may be the most beneficial choice. Either way, it’s important to conduct vital research first!