6 Gifts for Creative Friends to Spark Their Inspiration


We all have that creative friend who never fails to come up with unique and personalized gifts whatever the occasion may be. This makes it hard to think of a gift for them. The pressure is on! But worry not because we’ve got you covered.

Below are some of the best gifts for the creative people in your life. Although this list isn’t just for them or those aspiring to create. Let this collection of ideas inspire anyone to fuel their creativity and embody the artiste in them.

1.   Golden Godiva Gift Tin Gift Basket

Gift this basket of luscious chocolate by Godiva to give them that serotonin release and spark their creative juices. This Golden Godiva Gift Tin gift basket is packed with the happy chemical that will boost their happiness and wellbeing.

It’s a chocolate lover’s dream come true – the perfect choice for birthdays, holidays, or any special occasion.

2.   Dictionary of Color Combinations

This book by Sanzo Wada is a cool refresher to color theory. The late Sanzo was ahead of his time when it comes to developing color combinations. So, if your recipient is a painter or designer, they will enjoy looking through the book purely in abstract terms and maybe try some of the combinations in their own works.

3.   Mini Portable LED Projector

Inspiration-sparks are sometimes visual. Creative people get out of the rut by seeing things that will excite them. Gift this portable projector so they can find stimulation in a large scale wherever they may be.

It’s small enough that they can carry it anywhere and even use for work presentations or watching movies with the family.

4.   Peel ‘n Stick Chalk Wall

Help your creative giftee get their workspace organized with these self-adhesive chalkboard sheets. Or they can take a doodle break to let their minds breathe. This is also a nice gift for those who like to see their schedule, to-dos, and daily goals on a big board in front of them.

Writing their plans will seal it in their subconscious, but seeing it every day on a chalk wall is an even striking reminder.

5.   Waterproof Pad

Because inspiration strikes without a warning – even in the shower! Some of the best ideas are birthed here, and it’s probably because we’re not only cleansing our bodies but also our minds from hours of work.

Give them the gift of writing down their thoughts anytime and anywhere. They’ll definitely thank you for not having to forget an idea or slip and slide out of the shower to jot something down.

6.   Single-Use Black and White Camera

Analog disposable cameras are classic. Although phone cams are in nowadays, going back to an old school black and white camera carry a creative flair. Gift them an affordable single-use that they can bring during a trip with you or on a memorable occasion.

Any of these gifts above will spark inspiration, innately creative or not. Choose one that you think resonates best with your recipient or combine all of them in a gift basket for the ultimate muse-inducing present.