The New Retargeting Capabilities Launched by the Facebook


With the soaring popularity of Facebook this famous social media platform has come up with some more new features called as retargeting capabilities. There are many benefits of these capabilities such as there is no need to go through the Facebook Ad Exchange and the advertisers don’t have to manage the retargeting of their campaigns through DSPs.

As per the current scenario the Facebook Ad exchange can only help in serving the Ads that are posted through their desktops. As more and more users of Facebook are getting connected through Smart phones and other handheld devices there is a constant need for this new and excellent capability.

Here is the complete description about the retargeting capabilities launched by the Facebook.

The New Retargeting Capabilities Launched by the Facebook

  • The best thing about this new feature is that advertisers can directly target people through their mobile device which is considered as more flexible and easy.
  • The new capability allows advertisers to use the Facebook interface directly for setting up the retargeting campaign.
  • With the help of new retargeting capabilities from Facebook you can also retarget across multiple smart phone devices as users will need to login to their facebook account.
  • The feature called as predictive buying is also very good as it helps the companies to judge the sentiment of the customer. The new FBX retargeting capabilities allows the advertisers to show those ads to the customers that are of any use to the customer.
  • The Facebook interface also helps in taking care of the optimization and control efforts and also helps you to launch manual campaign through PPC manager.
  • It is seen as a great opportunity that is helping to overlay the standard targeting options that are already available. Moreover you can directly add a level if you already know how about certain locality called as demographic trends while making buying or purchase decision.

The main reason behind this move from Facebook

  • Initial when Facebook worked with DSPs most of the revenue that was being generated through advertisements went to the DSPs and the Chief Operating Officer from Facebook Sheryl Sandberg decided to come up with these new retargeting capabilities.
  • With this new feature Facebook is trying to keep the revenue within the house rather than being taken by the DSPs.  You can also save money that you would have spent on advertising through your desktop. Also it gives you the flexibility to advertise through mobile devises and desktops both.
  • Moreover this new feature will open new channels for mobile advertisement which is seen as the next big thing of the future. In addition, this new feature from Facebook is fast and easy to use and is very user friendly.

To know more about the retargeting capabilities launched by the facebook you can seek help from the internet as there are many different descriptive modules that are available and helps in gaining good knowledge about this new and amazing feature.

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