How to Find More Creative Blog Topics


One of the leading reasons many popular blogs die is because of inactivity. If you don’t post enough, readers won’t be able to find you or they will lose interest in what you have to say. This means making daily posts, even if they are short, rather than sporadic posts every few months. In turn, one of the main reasons for inactivity is not feeling inspired to write.


Coming up with creative blog topics counters any sense of writer’s block or “feeling stuck” about what you can write about next. With a creative topic, you will find your creative energy kicking in and you will feel excited about what to write on next. Make sure you keep a list of potential blog topics on hand so you never run into this stuck feeling again. Here are some ways you can generate those creative blog ideas.


How to Find More Creative Blog Topics


Answer questions by your customer

In general, your content online should be aimed at answering questions asked by your customer. Use sites like Yahoo Answers to find questions by your customers. They may also talk on forums or chat groups, Facebook pages, or elsewhere online about their problems and questions. Often, people just don’t know where to look for help. Search for a few common questions your ideal customer would have, then see what comes up first. Your blog post could be there!


Research competitors’ blogs to see their focus

While competitors aren’t always the best place to look for inspiration, as they may not be performing as well as you think, you can certainly look there for inspiration. If they tend to rank higher than you or you are impressed by their content, don’t skip this step. Look to see what topics they write about, the kind of angle they take, and what sorts of blog posts (link lists, infographics, FAQ posts, etc) rank best. When you use a high-speed service like Rural Internet Service, you can easily browse several competing websites at once to compare their best features, then take a little inspiration from each.


Bring up little-known or rarely-discussed industry secrets

Everyone loves learning secrets, even if they aren’t interested in the industry. Think about some little-known facts of your industry, things people rarely talk about, or things often considered too boring for the consumer. If you can find a way to turn these into fresh, original blog posts, you can attract the attention of Internet surfers who can’t find what you write about anywhere else. Make sure the posts aren’t boring – if you’re discussing a recent development conference, talk about how you have developed your skills if you are an individual freelancer, for instance. You might even talk about the history of your industry if it isn’t often discussed.

Finding creative blog topics will rally your spirits if you’re feeling annoyed about having to write so many blog posts. Answering questions in a unique way, researching what the competitors are doing, or talking about inside industry secrets can generate a significant amount of interest by viewers, and you will feel this same interest yourself once you see results rolling in!