Starting Your Own Online Radio Station

Online Radio Station

Creating an online radio station is a great way to spread your message to a large audience. There are certain legal requirements you must be aware of if you would like to start an online radio station. You will need to pay some initial costs in getting started, along with figuring out the type of station you plan to launch. Here are some tips to help you get started.


Getting Started

All you need to get started is a decent microphone along with several apps. These apps will allow you to organize and correctly pay your music files, or you can stream an audio feed. You must find an app that allows you to share your stream online. Finding the right app for streaming is easy to do when you use the right server. SHOUTcast and Icecast are two servers provided by Zendy Labs, each offer different services to subscribers. When you use SHOUTcast, you can list your station on their directory, allowing you to find plenty of new followers for your station. SHOUTcast is not an open source program, but it does allow for MP3, AAC, AAC +, and NSV. For individuals wanting more control over their server, consider using Icecast. Icecast is an open-source software, allowing greater potential for individuals who are more advanced in their radio skills. It allows for the same benefits as SHOUTcast, but it also provides OGG Vorbis and OGG Theora. SHOUTcast is popular since it’s free to use as they rely on advertising to help with the costs. Paying for servers usually means you can have more control, which means no advertising unless you want it. If you are new to the radio world, start with SHOUTcast until you can expand your station. Once you have a larger following, you can switch over to Icecast to provide higher-quality streaming services to listeners.


Online Radio Station

Server Requirements

Review the requirements for each server to make sure you have adequate Internet speed, storage space, and bandwidth. If you have a faster upstream, you’ll be able to have higher quality broadcasts and can reach a larger audience. A lower-quality feed will have a poor sound quality, which can cost you listeners.


Legal Requirements

You need to make sure you are following the right legal procedures before you start your radio station. If you are in violation of copyright, you can get sued. If you want to play other people’s music, you must obtain a license to do so, depending upon your state. You may also need to obtain additional licenses that will allow for paid advertising. Since it can be confusing to know which licenses you need to obtain, and the costs associated with them, you may want to consider working with services that will allow you to pay a monthly fee in exchange for a list of music you can play. This is an easy way to get started with the online radio station world until you are able to do some research on your state and local regulations. If you have certain bands that you want to play, you may be required to obtain permission from the band. Look for bands that provide free distribution to play their music so you won’t be in legal violation. Then you also won’t need to pay them for the songs you play.