Promoting Fire Safety at Work in 5 Ways


Photo by skeeze, CC0 1.0

Fire safety at your small business is just as important as it is when you are at home. In fact, with the increased amount of wires running through your place of work, the fire risk can dramatically increase. Shorts in wires are one of the leading causes of fires.

To decrease the chance of a fire or any injuries due to a fire, it is important for business owners to promote fire safety. Whether you dedicate a day a month or have an entire fire safety week per year, fire safety is an important thing to impress upon your employees. Let’s take a look at ways to accomplish this goal.

  • Find out the Legal Requirements

Before you begin promoting fire safety, you want to make sure that you are following all of the legal requirements. All businesses are required to have fire extinguishers available for your workers in case of an emergency. You must have all exits clearly marked, usually with the classic Exit signs. They are visible through smoke.

Most businesses are required to have smoke detectors. There are many different varieties available. There are some great smoke detectors by Grounded Power that will fit all the requirements you must have.

Lastly, all businesses need to have a clear fire exit plan for their workers to view. It lets them know what route to travel to safely escape the building in the event of any emergency. The plan should be visible for all.


  • Have a Mock Fire Drill

Everyone remembers school years and the repeated number of fire drills. You don’t have to involve the fire department, but going through the escape plan with your employees is a great idea. During an emergency, many people have trouble focusing enough to follow a written plan. Instead, they need to know the plan ahead of time.  Also, the Fire warden Training helps to give you the confidence to take charge during an emergency situation.

  • Plan a Fire Safety Week

Fire safety is important for work and home. Encourage your workers to have a fire exit plan for their families as well. Help them understand some of the leading causes of fire. When people know better, they can do better.

  • Identify Risk Factors

Your office may have risk factors for fires and it is best to identify them ahead of time. Identifying the fire hazards can help you reduce the possibilities. For example, candles should not be allowed in the office space. If your employees like the scents for their office, encourage them to use wax melts instead of flame candles.

Heating sources can increase the chances of fires. Make sure there are no extra, unnecessary sources of heat in use. If any employees use space heaters, tell them they need to remove them from the office or find a safer alternative. Older buildings have radiant heaters, which are unsafe in comparison to central heating.

Electrical fuses and circuit breakers are sources of fires. Make sure you have them checked for safety. They need to be rated for safety; do this as soon as possible if it has not happened in the last two years.

Smoking is a major cause of concern. It is important for business owners to prohibit smoking entirely in their office building. An employee could accidentally start a fire with a lit cigarette. While many people smoke, they need to respect your rules and desire to decrease the fire risk.

  • Ensure Smoke Detectors Work

A great idea is to put on the schedule to make sure the batteries are changed twice a year in your smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Also, have a monthly check of your smoke detectors. They are designed to save your life, but they cannot do so if they are broken.