Need to Research a Company? 5 Online Sites That Dig Into the Details


Are you an investor looking to find credible information about a company before you invest your hard-earned dollars into one? Want to learn about your new prospective employer so that you can ace that interview? Or are you just curious about a particular company and how it operates?

Information is power, and whatever your reason for looking for company information online, you’re in the right place.

Forget about the old days when you’d go through a whole company directory only to find that the firm you are looking for is not yet listed. Today, the internet makes it easier for you to find any company-related information right from the comfort of your home.

To help you conduct your research on any company, we’ll explore five online sites that have proved useful in finding in-depth information on just about any company out there.

Let’s dive in:

Reporting Accounts

Boasting a huge database, Reporting Accounts lists over 35,000 companies from over 75 countries globally. That’s a lot of data at your disposal.

The unique thing about this company is that it provides more than just the history of a company and what it offers. It goes deeper, highlighting relevant company financials, shareholders and group structures. By spending a few minutes on the site, you will learn much about any listed company and its heads.

Using the site is mostly free, and a good amount of information is readily available for anyone. However, you’ll need to pay if you want more detailed information about directors’ backgrounds and more in-depth financial information.


Yep, LinkedIn — the same business social media platform you use to network and advertise your skills — is also a useful platform for gathering company information.

This network has become increasingly popular in recent years, not just among professionals looking to highlight their expertise, but also among companies trying to build their brand awareness.

The best thing about this platform is that you are likely to get accurate and up-to-date information. You can search company profiles and get relevant information about a company’s size, Fortune 500 status, industry, location and, of course, employment opportunities.

Bloomberg Company Research

Most people know Bloomberg as a resource for financial news, technology insights, and political opinions. But the platform is also an excellent source of company information, targeting big names in the industry and promising startups.

Bloomberg provides key company information, including a brief overview of an organization; the people behind it (executives); contact information; and any similar companies. Better yet, if you feel that the information provided by the platform is outdated, you can go ahead and request for profile updates.


Founded in 2007, Crunchbase is a database mostly for startups, events, tech-based companies, and locations. The rapidly growing platform now boasts over 50,000 companies.

Crunchbase doesn’t just limit information provision to companies alone; even the public can provide details about a company’s event or an organization. A moderator reviews these submissions to ensure accuracy before publication.

Corporate Information

Corporate Information is one of the most popular websites for all related industry information, targeted to investors looking for competitive analysis on major companies across the world. The platform boasts a database of more than 35,000 companies, with the reports including extensive explanatory footnotes aimed at helping you better interpret the details.

Although you can conduct a company research on this site and get the basic information, you’ll need to subscribe to one of two packages offered by the company, allowing you to access the level of content that serves you best.

Whether you are planning to go for an interview and want to learn the most you can about the company, or are just looking for information about a specific brand for investment purposes, these platforms will prove to be helpful in your research.