Must have accounts on social networking sites for women


Social networking is great to stay connected with friends and families, but sometimes social networking can pose some problems or it is not totally suitable for women. The following are some of the social networking sites for women:

  1. iVillage


This site is a daily destination for women. It started in 1995, is one of the oldest sites and today it stands as one of the best destinations for women that provides content on pregnancy, beauty, health, style and other things. It is the largest and most established content driven community for ladies online. Women can visit the site and share advice, engage in conversations with other women in areas of health, food, parenting, style, relationships etc. You can create a profile, group, share videos, pics and messages among your friends. There are many message boards on different topics available. Apart from these there are sections such as online courses, dating and shopping too.

  1. Bebo


This social networking site charts in female users. It allows users to create profiles, watch videos, connect with friends and listen to music. This was launched in 2005 and is available in many languages and with 13 sites that are country specific. The site has risen to become one of the world’s most popular social networking sites. This social networking site is the largest one in Ireland, UK and New Zealand, and is the 3rd largest social networking sites in the US after Facebook and MySpace.

  1. CafeMom


This social networking site is for moms to discuss on the issues of parenting.  This online media company is for moms. Launched in 2006 by Michael Sanchez and Andrew Shue, this site now welcomes more than 9 M unique visitors each month to its community for women. This site is targeted at mothers and future mothers offering them a host of contents from the departments of relationships, pregnancy, Love & Marriage, Military Moms, Recipes for busy mothers and a lot more.

  1. Kaboose


This is another site which targets families and provides tips on parenting, pregnancy, health, recipes, craft and a section “Just for Moms”.  Users can create their profile, a blog, share pictures with other members and join discussion forms.

  1. Glam


This social networking site has 43 M unique monthly visitors. There are different sections on beauty, fashion, entertainment, living, celebrities, wellness, health, photos, shopping, quizzes etc. This social networking site is for women with glamour and style. This is a must use site for the woman of today’s world.


10 Top Friendship Dates

This is a premier social networking site which is dedicated to providing women with a quick and convenient way of meeting and connecting with other similar minded women as activity partners and friends. This site is developed for the adult women who like to broaden their social circle by finding new friends and meeting new activity partners quickly and conveniently. Women can find new friends in comfortable and secure manner. This site’s membership is strictly for women only.  The sole purpose of this site is to make the process of connecting with and forming new friends as simple as possible for women.

  1. ParentsConnect


This is a leading parenting site which provides recipes, everyday tips, product recommendations, activities and other information for parents. Users can hare their local activities, parenting tips, recipes, war stories, photos, etc.

  1. TeamSugar

Team Sugar

This social networking site is for the young women where they can discuss the latest gossip, play games share tips on beauty, fashion, shopping, recipes, blogs and plenty more. There are different section on fashion and style, love & sex, weddings, health & fitness etc. Users can create their homepage and a blog, or chat with other users.

  1. Baby center


This is a great pregnancy and parenting web and mobile destination globally. This is the most recommended and trusted pregnancy and parenting website among mothers. It provides moms with trusted advice from professionals from around the world. Users can form friendships with other moms, and support that is right at every stage of their child’s development. The site’s goal is to help parents gain confidence, enjoy parenting and shed all the inhibitions associated with raising a child.

  1. AOL Women


This is a premier women’s section on AOL providing content on wide range of topics such as fashion, beauty, horoscope and well being. The British version of this social networking site has a chat and community section where there are many all women discussion boards where members can discuss on plenty of topics. Users can create their homepage and a blog, or just chat with other users. You can also do plenty of things on this site, post comments, create a group, blog, write reviews etc. All of these will provide you points which you can redeem and get Sugar points.