9 Things you should refrain from doing on social media


In the present day, almost every person uses social media from teens to old people. Social networking sites have become powerful tools to stay connected with friends and family and to share news and other interesting things and for business owners to promote their brand. It is also a medium which helps in spreading powerful info which has changed the world. It is hard to imagine where we would be if not staying connected via these social networks. However with such great thing comes certain responsibility too. Users have to be careful and there are some things which they have to stay away from doing on social media. They are:

1.Posting things for approval

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Some people just post things or update their status or tweet just to get likes from their friends and followers on social media. When you are posting something, you must ensure that it is from a genuine place and you must not mind how it is going to fare or what people will think of it.

2. Being impersonal


Show people that there is a human behind the account and not some emotionless, calculating robot trying to connect with others. Provide others an understanding about yourself by sharing your values and interests. Make them your fan. This can be done by being witty and lighthearted.

3.Making it your only source of socialization


People do plenty of things of social sites and in return they feel awkward in social setting. Connecting with people from behind the computer screen can be easy as you will not be seen. But, this will not help us have true and real connections. So use social media only to stay connected but do not make it as your only source of socialization or you will have trouble connecting with people in the real world and making eye contact.

4.Posting quickly in a hurry


Whether you suddenly got an idea or have some exclusive news about something and want to post in a hurry, you must avoid doing it. Just take a moment and think about what you are posting. You must check if the post is appropriate, legal to share or the right news. Though this might not be devastating in some fields like others, you must be clear on what you are posting and not just do it with over excitement in the heat of the moment. Just think before sharing info with the public.

5.Do not use it as a source to vent your anger


Whether you just want to make other people laugh or you are just depressed and angry about something or there is some other reason, but you must not use social media to vent your anger and be rude. You must never forget that on the other side are humans just like you. you must question yourself why you are being angry or rude.

6.Stalking your Ex




You must not stalk your ex partner or girlfriend or boy friend through social media. Though you are doing this of self consciousness, doing so will lead to tough times and it can get things bad for you. If you cannot stop yourself from visiting your EX’s timeline or read their tweets, the best you can do it block them, so that you will not receive any notifications from them and they will be out of your mind.

7. Responding to comments angrily



Some people deliberately try to hurt others even on social media. Some people have nothing better to do than making life stressful for others. If you have to encounter such people on social media, then the best thing to do is not address these people, because if you respond even with a single comment, it will get out of your control. The best way to deal with it is not sinking to their level and just ignoring them. Address all the complaints and comments professionally and in a timely manner.

8.Complaining about your job and boss


You must never share any negative feedback about your current job, boss and colleagues as it is a total no-no. Just like you have an account on social media sites, they do too so do not complain about your professional life. Even a simple comment or post is a bad way of branding yourself in your current industry.

9.Posting confidential information


You can be vulnerable to online predators and identity thieves, so posting confidential info is a total no-no for any person active on social media. Do not share your private photos, sensitive info like social security number, address, phone numbers etc.