9 Reasons Why Your Brand Should Be Working With Bloggers


It’s no secret that there are scores of different ways to advertise your brand on the Internet. From the tried and tested to the unusual ways, you can be sure to increase your online reach.

The only trouble is; how do you know which of those methods will work for your brand? One solution that works well irrespective of your brand’s industry is blogging. Now, you might be thinking that blogs may not help you to promote your brand online. But, you would be wrong in your assumption!

Smarter marketers work with bloggers to achieve quicker and better results than other methods. Here are nine reasons why you need to work with bloggers to increase your brand’s potential:

  1. Blogs provide trustworthy sources of information

Yes, I know that some blog sites have questionable content or ethics. But, most blog sites serve as reputable sources of information for visitors. They provide help, advice and reviews on a variety of products and services.

Sometimes it can be hard to gauge the value of a particular product or service online. Bloggers tend to dissect the things they review and give a real account of their experiences.

  1. Influencers spend most of their time on blogs

Let’s say that you run a well-published online magazine. Such blogs are usually the ones where people first hear about innovations. They also learn about the latest industry news.

When bloggers from such sites review things, their audience gets influenced by their results. If you want your brand to get noticed, having your wares reviewed by those blogs is a good idea.

  1. Bloggers only write about niche topics

One thing you will notice about most blogs you visit is that they only cover a specific niche area. For example, you wouldn’t find information on gardening topics on a sports blog!

If you want to attract a particular audience, you will find it easy to work with a blog that caters to your industry.

  1. Working with bloggers is easier than ever before

Does the task sound like a time-consuming and laborious one to you? If so, don’t worry because it’s now easier to work with bloggers in your niche industry.

Blogger outreach services like Fat Joe can help you get brand mentions in the blogosphere. It’s a good route to take if you don’t have the expertise or time. But, if you do, software like BlogDash can help make blogger connections quicker and easier.

  1. Blogs help to influence consumer buying decisions

You might not think it, but the power of a blog is enough to influence how we buy stuff! Let’s assume that you are an individual that wants to buy a new TV for your home.

Sure, you could check out the TV’s description on the manufacturer’s website. The marketing text might even impress you. But, how do you know if the TV is right for you? A proper review on a TV blog is more likely to influence your decision. Especially as there is an honest account of the pros and cons of using the device.

  1. Bloggers can become huge fans of your brand

It’s no secret that some blogs talk about particular brands more than others. Why is that? Well, it’s usually because the bloggers in question have become huge brand fans!

If you make something amazing, bloggers are more likely to talk about your brand often. Especially if they think their readers will love your wares too!

  1. Blog posts get shared more often on social media

Ahh, the power of social media. We all use Facebook, Twitter and other social networks on a daily basis. In fact, some of us become social media addicts, thanks to the advances in mobile technology!

You might not realise it, but blog posts get shared more often through social media than they do in other forms. Especially if the posts are from an authoritative blog site.

  1. Bloggers are more likely going to review your products

Have you ever notice that many offline magazines seldom agree to review items if you ask them first? The good news is that the reverse is true with bloggers.


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They are only too willing to have a sample or freebie sent to them in exchange for a full and frank review.

  1. You might even get free celebrity endorsements

It’s not just the likes of you and I that read people’s blogs. Celebrities also go on them too. And, they often share content from those sites with their social media fans.

It only takes one celebrity endorsement to skyrocket your brand into the stratosphere!

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