Importance of Office Automation System


Importance of Office Automation System

Office automation is the process of applying modern machines and technology to improve information management as well as the overall performance of an organization. Small businesses are often able to perform all their office tasks from simple desktops or laptops. However, as the business grows or expands, the scales and number of tasks needed to keep the business running increases experientially. In the recent years, the use of office automation to solve increasing tasks has increased exponentially. This article discusses the importance of office automation system. The article also discusses the role of linear actuator in office automation.

Importance of office automation

Help improve communication within an enterprise and between enterprises

According to, office automation is extremely important because it help facilitate flow of information within an organization. For instance, through teleconferencing, different individuals from different departments or branches can communicate easily without travelling long distances for meetings, as seen in the diagram below.


Automation systems such videoconferencing help improve communication within or between organizations by reducing the cost and time of meeting because participants can converge at any time when issues arise without worrying about distance or cost. In turn, this helps improve the performance of organization because individuals have enough time to focus on other core activities within the organization

Facilitate preparation and sending of messages

Office automation plays an important role in reducing the cycle time between messages preparation and receipt, as individuals can compose message rapidly and send to them to the recipients instantly. For instance, office automation platforms such as E-mail permits sending of messages to large numbers of recipients located in different regions across the globe as seen below.


Office automation systems such as Emails, therefore, are important because they help improve flow of information within an organization.

Help increase volume of work and reduce cost of operation

Lastly, another importance of office automation systems is that they help reduce individual’s involvement in everyday clerical tasks such as creating reports and organizing customer data. Automation platforms spreadsheets help store bulky customer data; thus help reduce of paper works, as information is compiled once and stored for future referencing. This help not only help improve volume of work, but also help make office orderly as shown in the diagram below.

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Besides, automation processes enables only a few workers to perform the duties or task of many. For instance, a single employee can use one machine choose, pack, and label products for transportation or shipping. This, therefore, help reduce cost of operation because the organization will not spend more money in hiring more labor to perform different tasks.

The role of linear actuator in office automation

In respect to office automation, linear actuators are often fixed in office desks to facilitate easy adjustments of the desk to facilitate flexibility. Office desk powered by electric linear actuators enables individuals to adjust their desks quickly and smoothly to allow individual perform multiple tasks in the office. This, in turn, help improve working environment in the office, as individual is able to adjust the desk to suit his or her comfort level. The diagram below is an example of how linear actuator can be used to enhance efficiency during office automation.


The article has examined the importance of office automation in an organization. as noted in the article, office automation systems play an important role in facilitating communication, as well as flow of information, and performance. The article has also ascertained that linear actuator play an important role in enhancing flexibility of office desks.