Importance of Documentation in Software Quality Assurance and Testing project


Very correctly said: “Ink is better than the best memory” – Chinese proverb
A documented approach is a systematic approach for testing in every industry. Projects that have all the documents is said to have a high level of maturity. For effective testing process, documentation is always a help note. The documentation reduces dependency of certain resources and develops sound knowledge about system to perform effective software testing. Documentation can also escape ‘Finger on you’ when client is not satisfied with delivery.Consider an example:


If a Software Quality Assurance and testing Team delivered a project (with an unknown issue) to one of their client (angry/dissatisfied client) and they eventually found the issue at Client side, which could be a terrible situation. As usual all blame could be on Quality assurance testing team. The issue may be something regarding compatibility of one website. But if the QA have the proof that they didn’t get such requirement document which stated that they have to check compatibility of the website as well. It is a “PURE SAFE” state!


Importance of documentation in Software Quality Assurance

The documents should comprise of
• Requirement documents
• Walkthroughs
• Test Plan
• Test Strategy
Documentation in a Software Quality Assurance and testing project is very important. As documentation saves a lot of time, effort and money, it tells the whole idea of the product to be tested. Without documentation a QA would not be able to understand a product and can never use that product. Also we can’t rely on Verbal communication. Documentation encourages QA to follow a systematic approach in the testing Process and also gives training to the QA about the product. A project which is well-documented has always a high level of maturity. As a tester there is always a confusion as to what should be documented and what should be omitted. But for documentation it’s always better to document each and every step whether it is significant or not.
To improve the quality of a QA Project, it is necessary to make documentation a vital part of QA processes. Documentation can be thought of from a customer’s/client’s point of view but there are other important reasons to document a Software testing or QA Project.Documentation adds to organization’s long term goals and few benefits are listed below:


No Ambiguity

Basic reason for documenting a QA project is the fact that it reduces or eliminates any ambiguity in QA project. After implementing documentation in QA Project, the confusion in allotment of tasks and the process followed is removed. Also, the disputes arising from ‘who is supposed to do what’ is eliminated as the documentation can provide the tasks allotted and other relevant details.


Provide good training material

Documentation can provide good training material for new recruits which can help move up their learning curve. This education can prove to be very significant so as to make the new hires learn from material and know how to implement the process rather than using tactics to learn the same. This can be supplemented with hands on experience on job to make efficient resources.


Good marketing

Documentation a QA project can be used as a good marketing and sales strategy to demonstrate the inclination towards maintaining a good process while delivering high quality. This can also provide good coverage and estimation on determining the deadlines and scope of a QA project.



Documentation in a Software Quality Assurance and testing project is very important.The documentation reduce dependency of certain resources and develop sound knowledge about system to perform effective software testing.