How You Can Effectively Improve the Look and Functionality of Your Website 


Nowadays, there isn’t much that has not changed – and it includes website upgrades and developments. Your website isn’t effectively working if you don’t have the amount of traffic you want or if the visits to your site don’t get properly converted into leads and sales. There are also a lot of trends that are going on that your website could also benefit from, especially since users today are well-aware of these trends, and more of them are making use of these trends. If your website isn’t up to par with your expectations, it may be time to improve its look and functionality and other elements. And here’s how you can do it right.

Should you update? 

Before you begin implementing various changes, you should carefully consider whether your website will really benefit from updates. And before investing in a full-on site redesign, which can take months, perhaps it may well be worth considering making just a few simple changes instead. To determine whether your site needs updates, ask yourself the following: is the website’s design a bit outdated? Have sales and profits decreased in recent months? Could I enhance my results with better photography for my products or a better experience for users? Could my business benefit from more pages, like an online shop or a blog? If you have answered yes to any, you may benefit from an upgrade. 

Review your existing design and content 

First things first: review your existing design and content. Evaluate your site thoroughly and find out what works and what doesn’t. Take the visuals, for example. Check the relevance and quality of visual elements and assets, including videos and images, and find out which ones lack in quality or are simply outdated. You don’t necessarily have to remove the content; you may just have to tweak or edit it to bring it back to life. 

Your written content matters as well, especially in terms of broken links, incorrect information, and missing info. You may have old blog content that is no longer relevant or a mission statement that no longer speaks for your business. You may also want to give more information about a product or reword text for your calls to action to get more clicks. 

Check your data 

Make it a point to check your site’s data as well, which includes its analytics, as recommended by the web development experts from Expre Digital Ltd. This will help you understand the behaviour of your audience and determine how you can develop your site so as to be more suitable to their needs. Once you have a more thorough understanding of the behaviour of your audience, think about why they act that way – is it because a certain web page doesn’t engage them because it has too much text? Does it take too long to load? With these insights, you can make a more informed decision about how you can update your site.

Evaluate the competition 

You may also want to evaluate your competition. Do some market research and browse through some competitor sites and compare what you find to your own. You may not have certain crucial information, for instance, or you may be lacking certain content or pages. You may even come across a good idea that you can adapt and change to fit your own website’s needs.