5 Ways to Use Explainer Videos for effective marketing campaigns


When it comes to explaining complex concepts in a simplified and entertaining way, then there is no better way than explainer videos. It not only helps you grab the visitor’s attention but also allows you to accelerate your business productivity. 

Well! Creating an awesome explainer video is one thing and using it in the right way is another. If you use videos in the right approach then you  can boost your marketing campaign and generate better results. 

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What do you think sharing videos on youtube is good enough to capture leads? Well! It’s a big NO! There are various interesting ways in which you can utilize explainer videos. Using video in different ways will help you increase the chances to showcase the message entertainingly.

Here are some of the best ways by using which you can utilize your explainer videos to generate sales and make your marketing campaign more productive. 

Different ways to use explainer videos to boost brand awareness

Let’s get started… 

Share on social media

In today’s world, social media is helping businesses to enhance their marketing. And it is one of the most effective platforms where you can use explainer videos to boost brand awareness and increase conversions. According to the research, 93% of marketers believe that social media videos help them generate high-quality leads. 

Social media videos are easy to share and have the power to make boring posts highly appealing. You will be surprised to know that videos on social media get 1200% more shares over other forms of content like images, text, infographics, etc. Yes! You can utilize social media platforms to share explainer videos and generate excellent results. 

Incorporate in your blogs

Almost every brand is creating blog posts to share the information with others and generate leads. Due to the oversaturation of blogs, it is becoming more and more challenging to drive quality traffic towards websites. Are you also facing the same issue? If yes, then you can incorporate explainer videos in blogs to make them more digestible and out of the box. 

It will make your boring content more interesting and help people understand the concept better. But whenever you create a video for your blog post, make sure it is related to the content because videos with the same objective will make your content more valuable. 

Add in Emails

Emails and explainer videos go hand in hand. By using explainer videos in your email campaign, you can easily increase the open rate and click-through rate of your content. Also, it owns the power to deliver the message better and save time on newsletter copies. 

According to the research, it is found that emails with videos get 300% more clicks than others. Remember, the more people read your email and get engaged, the easier it becomes to convert the viewers into potential customers. So, if you also want to improve your email marketing campaign, then try using an explainer video in it. 

Use in your website

Indeed, your website is the window of your business. If your website is inspiring, educational, and attractive, then more people will love to stay on your site for longer. The more time people stay on your website for longer, the chances to buy the product/service increases. And this can be easily achieved by adding explainer videos on the landing page.

It is analyzed that the landing page of the website which includes explainer videos are successful in converting 86% more leads. So, start improving your business productivity by adding the best explainer videos on your website. 

Use it for your Online Ads 

To improve marketing campaigns, organizations are using Ad platforms like Google AdWords, Youtube, Facebook, etc. organizations consider it as one of the most productive parts of marketing campaigns. As it is being used by almost every organization due to which it is becoming more and more competitive. So, to make your online Ads stay ahead, you can use explainer videos in it.

It will not only improve the audience interaction but also helps you generate more leads. By using explainer videos on Facebook, you can also generate reactions from the audiences, which will further help you keep you ahead of your competitors. 

So, what are you waiting for? Start boosting your marketing efforts by using explainer videos for your online ads. 

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Wrapping it Up!

Well, these are various ways to use explainer videos, but the above are some of the most effective ways that are commonly used in marketing and can help you raise your conversions, build an online presence, and generate better ROI. 

Now that you have a list of the most important aspects, you can easily reach the audience and generate the visitor’s interest. 

Still, if you have any queries? Or want to add to the above list? Feel free to add in the comments below.