How to buy Goods Online Safely and not Worry about Shipping?


Many people prefer online shopping. There are thousands of online shopping websites offering products from a wide range of categories at discounted prices. Customers can purchase branded products at the comfort of their couch.

Whether you’re planning to buy the latest mobile phone or home essentials, you can purchase through online shopping websites. Sounds like an easy task right!!! Online shopping platforms are playing a vital role in everyone’s life especially for adults, as well as people who are leading a busy life. Online shopping websites are providing comfortable and convenient service for people. Few people save their favourite products in the cart and buy it later.

There are several reasons why people prefer online shopping

Convenience – This could be the biggest perk. Yes, it’s absolutely true. You can browse and place the order at any time. Besides, you don’t need to wait in the long queues to pay the bill.

Price comparison – People often compare the price before purchasing. With online shopping websites, customers can research and compare the product price before they buy. Hence no regrets!!!

Save time – People don’t like to travel for hours to get what they need. With online shopping, customers are saving a lot of time on travelling. Within a single click, customers can place their order and get it delivered at their doorstep without hassles.

If you’re a newbie to online shopping, there might be several questions running through your mind. Is the online shopping website safe? Do there is a return policy? Is cash on delivery available? Can I track the order? And the list goes on and on…

Tips to follow when online shopping

Research and shop with reputable retailers online

There are tons of online shopping websites available on the internet. Most of these websites are legitimate, but you cannot trust every website. Therefore spotting the fraud website requires research. If you’re planning to place the order for the first time, check their feedback and online reviews.

Shop at a reputed, trusted and authoritative website while shopping online. Bookmark the websites to access easily. Always avoid typing the website name into your browser window. Because a tiny spelling mistake may land you on an untrustworthy website that just looks like a trustworthy website.

Look for the padlock icon

Keeping an eye on the padlock icon when you’re accessing the online shopping website is truly important. This icon is available on the top-left of your address bar. A padlock icon indicates a secure mode, the communication between your web browser and web server are encrypted with an SSL protocol. You need to check the lock icon while sharing your sensitive information – phone number, credit card information, password and more.

Never ever dare to purchase anything through your credit card from websites that don’t have a padlock.

Don’t forget to use coupons and special offers

Did you know that many people use coupons and discount codes as part of their money-saving tactic? Yes!!! This is absolutely true. These coupons codes are helping both retailers and customers. Retailers can generate more sales and customers can save money.

Coupons codes are available on the website home page or deal page. If you’re looking for additional discounts, there are hundreds of coupon websites available on the internet. Coupon and discount websites can be secret weapons for shoppers. Use the coupon code at your checkout page and cut back on your spending without sacrificing the product quality.

Beware of the special deals. Consider, “Get Free Shipping on purchase $100 & more. This might sound like an excellent deal. But, think twice!!! If you’re ready to spend $100 during initial purchases, it’s probably not a good idea. Always choose the coupon code that doesn’t have minimum purchase value.

Free shipping

The term “FREE” will definitely make people happier. The catchword Free Shipping is the popular influencer of purchase decisions. As per the analysis, 90% of customers purchase the product that offers free shipping. Many sellers are offering free shipping and making their customers happy. Choose the website that offers free shipping on every product. This can save your money on paying extra bucks on delivery charges.

Investigate the product details

Whether you’re planning to purchase a mobile phone or book a service, it’s important to investigate everything in advance. Give a look at product details. Spend time on reading it and this will impact your purchase decision, whether to buy the product or not. Also, checking the product details such as the material used, price, features, size, colour, delivery time, payment method and return policy is vital especially while shopping online. Product information could be an excellent hint about whether the product meets your requirements or not.

Shipping time

How long does it take to get your product delivered? Though customers prefer free shipping, what if the package delivers after 10 days or 5 days? Sounds like a horror story.

According to the analysis, over 87% of customers identified delivery speed as the primary factor during the purchase decision. There are few customers who pay extra money to get the items delivered on the same day. Online shopping websites such as Amazon and other popular brands are providing a same-day delivery opportunity. With prime membership, customers can get their packages delivered within one or two business days.

Return policies

In conventional shopping, customers easily understand the return policy. Seller will provide a receipt of your purchase. Customers have a chance to return the product within a certain period of time. Online shopping can be risky, as customers cannot try-on the product physically or check the product before buying. This is making the return policy a primary factor while shopping online.

While online shopping, finding a return policy is important. Because all the online shopping sites don’t permit returns. There are few websites that charge additional fee on returns and others offer free returns on the purchase. If you don’t find the return policy on the shopping website, you can give a call to the company number to get complete information about the return policy. Simply put, customers need to make sure of the return policy before purchasing the product online.

Track your order

Do you often track your order? If your answer is YES. You’re probably doing a great job. After you place an order it’s important to keep tabs on it. This will ensure whether the product is headed your way or not. Online shopping websites are offering order tracking features, including Shipment Tracking, update on delivery, estimated delivery time and more. Tracking allows customers to monitor their online purchases. Customers can easily know the expected delivery time and get notification of delays. If the online shopping platform refuses to offer shipping information, give a call to their company phone number. Investigate your product and get to know about the estimated delivery time.

Think Mobile

It’s no surprise the number of mobile users is increasing than desktop users. Many online shopping platforms realized the importance of having a mobile application. Mobile applications are a perfect choice that is used regularly. Also, customers can set their preference, shop at their finger clicks and keep their personal information safe and secure at their hands.

Mobile applications offer excellent user-experience and load the content faster. Mobile app users can receive a push notification. Consider, if there is a mid-night sale, you’ll receive a push notification. This is an amazing opportunity for mobile users to stay up-to-date with the latest deals. Download mobile apps such as Amazon or McDonalds, place the order without visiting the website.


Online shopping is excellent for several reasons. Customers don’t need to travel to buy the required things, avoid traffic, save time, compare prices and get at the cheapest price. However, customers need to be careful while shopping online. Follow the above-mentioned tips while shopping online. Hope these tips are useful for you. Here is an add-on tip, many people save their passwords, sensitive information and salary records on their primary mail accounts. Therefore, this could be risky to use these accounts while online shopping. If you shop regularly, buying identity theft insurance can be a great idea. This will cover your loss when something goes wrong.