Have You Got a Solid Design Strategy for Your Business


A design strategy is vital in helping a business determine what it does, why it does it and how to innovate.
It compliments and intersects with both a business strategy and a technology strategy, and shows the value your products and services bring to other people. It also describes the steps you’ll take to achieve your goals, typically through technology is your website, online social media presence and email campaigns.

Like any other strategy, a design strategy should be written down, so everyone can see it. If you don’t do this, there is little chance that anyone will remember or act on it.

A solid design strategy helps remove the fog clouding the path towards your goals, and as far-fetched as it may seem, a spreadsheet of goals is the most effective thing we can do to prove the value of design.

Dhub is a creative design agency that will work with you and guide you to help establish a sold design strategy that will consider every aspect of your business; your brand, your services and your prospective audience.

The first step of working with a client is to understand the client, their World, their audience, their products, their influencers and ultimately their goals. Throughout this stage possible obstacles are established and plans to either address or avoid them are documented.

Then we’ll work with you to look at how your current strategy works? How intuitive is it, and what sort of processes do you have to go through?

We also ask what sort of visual guides are you giving your customers? And most importantly are you engaging them?


Working together, we can help you find the answers to your most important design hurdles – and create a solid design strategy that will help your business flourish.