Guest posting strategies you must implement


Guest posting is writing and publishing an article on someone else’s blog or website. Guest posts are key strategies for all the bloggers for building their presence online . They must guest post on other blogs and let other bloggers guest post on their blog too.  When you are a good guest blogger you are providing value to the blog on which you are guest posting and you are building relationship and rapport with your fellow bloggers too. When you are guest posting, you will find new friends with other bloggers on whose blog you are guest posting and you will also increase your influence on social networking sites, which will increase the subscribers to your blog.

Guest posting is also good for search engines. When you are guest posting you host blogger will place a link to your blog somewhere in your post. These back links will increase your blog’s search engine value, which makes your content easy to be found through Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. It will also make you a part of an established community as you will get connected with new people which will be of benefit to you.

Just like how you want to guest post on others blogs and build your reputation, you must also let others to do guest posting on your site regularly. This will help you in making the relationship mutual with the host blogger.

When you are guest posting for others you must link to the post from your blog, share it on social media several times, thank the person on whose blog you are guest posting and respond to the comments on your post.

Guest posing is a great strategy for increasing your possibilities and boosting your online reputation. So you must begin guest posting now and boost your influence. The following are some guest posting strategies you must implement:

  1. Content Strategy


A content strategy helps in the creation of a successful content in a structured way. Similarly guest posting also need a strategy for creating relevant content. You must create great content for making your guest post for hitting the target right on. The first thing you must do is scan your targeted blog keenly for the content style. You must check the popular guest posts the site has already. Try to write content which is customized to fit the host blog. However, you must work on the tone, voice and theme of the host blog. You must know who you are writing for and then choose the topics which you are popular with the host blogger and his/her audience. You must also post on the topics which are in close relation to your blog niche. Instead of targeting any certain keyword, you must target a range of related key words or key phrases. But, you must keep in mind that you do not duplicate content or reuse old content as it can negatively effect your blog as well as your host blog. So you must create unique and relevant content for your guest post.


  1. Multiple objectives


One common and biggest mistake that a lot of bloggers make when guest posting is focusing only on the link and traffic generation. A good guest post will provide you with all the benefits which include traffic and link generation, subscribers, back links, credibility and social shares. You must create an excel spreadsheet to track the above mentioned metrics for each of your post. After you have collected the data, determine which topic, blog and promotion produces your desired result.


  1. Good topics


Guest posting takes time, so just guessing which topic will be a hit is crazy and stupid. There are chances that your post might not fare well, but you must try to lower the risk. First you must know what kind of topics do well on the blog you are targeting. Find out which pages on the site the most number of links and the social shares by rank. When you have gathered some information and have an idea what fares well on the site, it is time to start the extraction of common themes which you can use for the creation of a hit article. Though you may not be able to know a blog’s audience like the host, however you can still improve your chances by looking at the site’s track record.


  1. Create original and unique content


Some guest blogger spin old content. But if you want a good mark yourself never attempt this because it will be a failure. It will ruin your impression forever. If you are asking why waste so much time on a post which you are going to publish on other sites, then you are thinking wrong. This post will intrduce you to your target audience, so you have to give your best to win them. Also fresh content will help you in getting your content to be published easily. When you are writing a post you must not forget to keep your content original and interesting to your readers. The more unique your post is, more number of people will share it and this will bring you more links and audience.


  1. Promote your post on social networks


Most of the publishers guest post only for promoting themselves. If you indeed want to get the max out of it, you have to promote the article once it is published. You must take the ownership of your content. The more exposure your article gets, the better it is for you. But for this you must help yourself by promoting the guest post for your host blog. This can be done in plenty of ways including linking it back in your future posts, indulging in discussions on similar topics on other forums and blogs. Most of the times the host blogger will also promote the guest post. This will help in getting better response in the form of shares, likes, tweets etc.

Guest posting must be used as a part of your SEO strategy. It is one of the most effective ways of marketing yourself wihtout any investment. You can use guest posting for building links and building your brand too.