Different Types of Blogging Careers


The story of blogging started way back in late 1991 and the term blog was coined in year 1997. At that time nobody knew that a habit of writing a personal diary can go so far to become a successful tool for marketing and business.

And who could have imagined that Blogging can become a lucrative career option too. Today there are thousands of people around the world irrespective of gender who are professional bloggers. Professional bloggers use several blogging software(s) and blog hosting services like Word Press, Movable Type, and Live Journal etc. Daily several vacancies for bloggers; part-time, full-time, freelancing etc. are posted. No doubt Blogging has become a good source of income. Blogging as a profession is like a demand and supply chain; some with writing flair love to write blogs and others like to read those. And this networking is used in business which in turn creates job options for bloggers.

Commonly professional bloggers are divided into three categories;
Self Employed Bloggers – Those bloggers who publish their contents on their own blog or other’s sites and earn via blogging only, comes under this category.

Part time bloggers – They are those who earn partially through blogging and are engaged in other jobs too to earn money. Many of the part time bloggers satisfy their creative craving through blogging.

Corporate bloggers – Companies and other business owners hire bloggers. In a company blogging helps to enhance the communication and culture, when done internally. Whereas external blogging is used for marketing, branding or public relations purposes which is also known as corporate blogging.

Blogging must have started in a single human mind due to the personal need of sharing views and getting opinions of the people around the world, but today it has spread its wings everywhere; personal, professional, in every stream of life. Professional blogging has helped the Information sharing to reach new heights and it is still expanding.


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