Chrome Web Store – App Paradise for 160+ Millions Chrome Users


The Google chrome web store is a new online marketplace where Google Chrome users can discover thousands of web apps for their browser. On May 19, 2010 since its announcement at the Google I/O conference, the chrome web store has attracted developers and web users alike. On Dec 6, 2010 this online market place was released where you can access thousands of web apps that can help the 160+ millions of chrome users customize their browser experience. Just search the web app store and find your desired apps, install it and feel a new browsing experience.


Over the short period of time (more than 20 years) websites have evolved from static mode to dynamic called active interactive application mode which is similar to any software application installed by a CD-ROM. Most of the browsers make no difference between apps and web pages. Google Chrome is different in this regard as it supports the concept of installable apps. There are two major types of web apps – first is hosted app which can be a normal website with some extra Meta tags, second is packaged app which contains all the contents desired by a user in archive mode. Both apps have shortcut icons in Chrome’s new tab page making web apps easily accessible for Chrome Lovers. One more benefit of these web apps is while normal website needs your permission every time they perform some specific actions but these apps ask you at once so no more annoying permission asking.


Now move on to contribute at your side to the club of 160+ millions of people. Your app could make it easier for the chrome user to send text messages or help a student gets updated on their study or results. The success of your app depends on how useful it is to the common user. By using WebGL, geolocation for stunning 3D graphics, you can make your app stand out in the crowd. Before starting making your first app you should keep following things in your mind –


What is an app?

In terms of Google Chrome and Chrome Web Store, app is an application which you run inside your browser with a dedicated user interface. These web apps combine the usability of a desktop application and a website.


What your app does?

Try to make your app easy to handle, means don’t bombard the user with lots of features in single app. User might find it complicated or annoying to use, and nobody needs complications. Your app’s popularity too depends on its simplicity, it is believed that first 30 seconds of using an app is the deciding factor for its popularity. Purpose of app is not the much deciding factor if your app is serving users what they want in best and faster manner. Sometime you are encouraged to have some features but make sure they don’t eclipse the core function of your app. Unrelated features will depreciate your app’s value.


UI & Design

If there are multiple apps available for the same function then UI and app design plays deciding role to choose an app. Simpler the UI will raise the possibility of selection for your app. Avoid promotion banner in your apps, it is not necessary because user already have chosen your app they don’t want these banner in your apps. But don’t forget to show available update of your app, users need it. While designing your app remember one thing in mind keep relevant UI element on top, this is an independent application not a part of any website.



The importance of your app depends on how it responds. Users are not intended to wait for desired results. The responsiveness of your app should be like normal running apps. A web app is expected to be as fast as a user works. Every second users wait will cost you money in relation. So avoid unnecessary functions and objects which are major cause to slow down your apps.


What do you want to give your users might be the most debatable question. It depends on you what you want to serve you potential users, best practice is using the latest technology like OpenGL or notification. The Chrome Web Store will let you choose two categories for your app, be careful in choosing the right category sometimes wrong category may affect the business of your apps.


Developing a wonderful app is an interesting task for expert developer but there are always some rules in the game which should be followed by the players for fare game. You have to fill out much information while uploading your developed web apps; this is to place your app in right and the best suitable category which is must for popularity of your apps. The entire essential should be kept in as extension so that every function of your app can work properly.


First you need to have a developer account on Google Chrome Web Store to upload your app. Then you need to create a ZIP file containing app files and a 128*128 size icon for the web store, a 16*16 icon for using as favicon in extension management page. After completing this upload process you have to enter information regarding language, region, category, screenshots, appearance, Google Analytics Id etc. Depending on the information provided by you, now you have to pay one time subscription fee of $5 to publish your apps. This is single time fee after which you are free to publish as many more apps you want. your app will be live for the Millions of Chrome Users.


5 Must Have Google Chrome Apps


1. Mflow

With over 5 million of music tracks, it is ideal app for streaming and sharing new music with your friends. It will not make you out of music at any moment.


2. SlideRocket

This is perhaps the only app which enable user to make and share PowerPoint slides.



A simple and great app for student and analysts uses a powerful graphic calculator for plotting graphs.


4. Wikihow

This is your perfect teacher which teaches you everything that you need in your real life form saving yourself from a tiger to changing a tire of your car. This is a great resource to learn useful stuffs.



This app records your daily routine works from your business meetings to your home works and notify you when you’re deadline come closer.