Best Tips for Protecting Your Company’s Data against Insider Threats in 2019


There are so many companies working under one shed those require an on-site solution such as steel mills, textile mills, shoe manufacturing and food industries etc. They need on-site employee monitoring which is much easier and cheaper as compare to cloud technology. You can simply connect all systems locally to the main server of the company and management can have real-time access to that server machine to monitor the operation by sitting in their office. They can have the access of their unit remotely as well by paying little extra to integrate their mobile or laptop to the main server.

The best way to observe staff activity is not by hiring supervisors and managers to measure the productivity of staff but to monitor them through employee monitoring software as work examiner provides. Employee monitoring through software is the only solution which is acknowledged by multinationals whereby they would be spending a little to save much more than this one time fixed cost on a recurring basis.

Management can run these solutions on employees systems secretly and there is no need to let them know about that they are being monitored by the management because 90% of organizations feel vulnerable to insider attacks. A hidden program would be recording each and every activity of the user including how many applications have been run by the user. How much time the user remained active on which application. How long user was remained connected on social media platforms. Also for good performers, it would be a blessing that they don’t need to justify their performance to the management. Since they would already be aware of your performance through the reporting pack of employee monitoring software.

When it’s about cloud solution, the company has to trust on a third party to maintain their data on the cloud and advantages explained here for employee monitoring software are to help you to finalize your decision. Since it includes sensitive and commercial data of the company, they can trust reputed names only like Work Examiner is in the US market. Data transmission from remote locations to the central office and from the central office to remote locations must be secure in all aspects. The company won’t sustain any leakage of information during this transmitting process.

It has to be secure because it’s about the company feature. Don’t compromise on cheaper solutions while making your decision since it has to work for a longer period of time and if in between the cheaper solution provider run out from the market, your company would be in a trouble due to data leakage. Recording feature of this software would be a threat for your staff and no one would bother to steal company data. Using this software you can also block all means of communication other than as prescribed by the company so that sharing of that has to be minimized.

This software has a demo feature to try it for free (30 days) with no commitment to buy after demo version. So don’t wait more and apply this solution to your company to protect your data from all threats to secure 2019 for your company.